Thursday, January 5, 2012

Joining In: TBR Challenge 2012

The TBR Challenge 2012 hosted by Wendy of The Misadventures of Super Librarian is one that I definitely need to join this year. I've been accumulating books and that pile grew more than it went down this last year. Time to cut it down a bit (even if it is by 12 books!).

This challenge has simple rules. Choose one book per month that has been lingering in that old TBR pile, read it, and either leave a comment at Wendy's blog on the scheduled date, or review it.

Wendy is also providing some theme suggestions each month for participants, but this is not written in stone. I'm actually loving that aspect of the challenge, because now I'll have to start hunting my TBR to find books that match her themes, and I can't wait to see what I find in there. Hopefully some good reads.

This post will serve as my summary page for the Challenge.

Monthly Review Dates And Theme Suggestions:

January 18 - Light the Stars by RaeAnne Thayne: Category romance
February 15 - Anyone But You by Jennifer Crusie: Recommended Read
March 21 - Dalton's Undoing by RaeAnn Thayne: Series Catch-Up
April 18 - Almost a Gentleman by Pam Rosenthal: New-to-Me Author
May 16 - The Charm School by Susan Wiggs : Published prior 2000
June 20 - Logan's Outlaw by Elaine Levine: Western (Western )
July 18 - Open Season by Linda Howard: Not on theme
August 15 - Dirty by Megan Hart: Erotic Romance
September 19 - Storm Front (Dresden Files #1) by Jim Butcher: Genre besides romance
October 17 - On Thin Ice (Ice #1) by Anne Stuart: Romantic Suspense
November 21 - The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey: All About The Hype
December 19 - Holiday themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, it's all good!)

Wish me luck!


  1. Hilcia, I'm sure you'll do fine! Can't wait to see which books you choose!

  2. Good luck! My genres seem to have shrunk rather than expanded (so I'm not sure I could complete it) so I'm looking forward to seeing what books you choose each month 8grin*

  3. My dearest Hils, you are a brave woman!

    I've long since given up on reading challenges because more often than not I never complete them. I think sub-consciously its about "having to" as opposed to "wanting to" once I make the commitment to participate. LOL

    I'll be curious as to your reading list. Best of luck and enjoy!


    P.S. Is that a picture of your actual library on the floor? Looks like my living room floor when in a fit of frustration I pull all the books off the shelves looking for a particular book that I can't find. LOL

  4. I'm participating to this challenge as well. I should make a post or something ^_^;

    Hmmmm, category romance. I should be able to unearth one that's been sitting in my TBR pile ;)

    By the way Hils. Do you know if there's a criteria for a book to be part of the TBR pile. Like must have own for a certain length of time?

  5. This is such a fun challenge! I like using the themes - it makes it so much easier to make a choice. LOL

  6. Sonia, thank you!

    Orannia, that's interesting... that your genres have shrunk. I have a problem with mine expanding... *g*

    Indi, I know what you mean! I have a problem with that as well. That's the reason I need luck... And, no, those are not my books but they could be. *g*

    Nath, I'm glad you joined the TBR challenge too. Yours is huge! I didn't really see anything in the criteria as far as how long the book has to be in the TBR, but I imagine for more than a few months? I'm going to try to read books that have been there for a quite a while.

    Leslie, yes, it does look like fun. The themes make it more of a challenge too. I'm looking forward to it. :)

  7. Good luck, Hils!
    I joined this one too--just this week actually. As much as I love challenges, I have always been intimidated by the ones that require reviews AND a mid week, mid month deadline, too!? Ack! LOL! But I saw the group of readers who signed up for this one and I just HAD to join you guys!!! :D

  8. Oh, I'm so glad you joined too! I certainly need to clean out some of those old books out of my TBR. Let's see if I can hold on the whole year. *g* It's not as easy as it seems. :) Good luck to you too!


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