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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mini: His Secret Past by Ellen Hartman

This is one of two books I picked up and read immediately after last month's TBR Challenge. I'm posting my mini-impressions of the book and links to a few full reviews for you at the bottom of my post.


This Harlequin Super Romance (2008) turned out to be a great read. The fact that it's set in New Jersey just made it that much more fun for me! Mason Star is an ex-rock star who has been living out of the limelight for a long time. He has bad memories of that time and secrets he won't reveal to anyone. Since leaving that life, he has poured his soul into the Mulligan's community center and into making sure he's a good father to his son Christian.

Anna Walsh is well-known for making documentaries, and she wants to make one about Mason Star the rock star, specifically about an incident that affected Anna's own life. Mason doesn't talk about his past to anyone, but Mulligan's is in danger and to save it he makes a deal with Anna that might come at a high personal price. 

This romance was so very well developed for such a short read. Hartman's protagonists get to know each other and work on their internal issues, as well the external conflicts presented by the author as the romance moves along.

Anna and Mason's attraction is believable, as is the ending. I like the way the happy ending for this couple turns out to be realistic. The father/son relationship between Mason and Christian is just as important to this story as Anna and Mason's, at least it was to me. The focus of the story is shared, but this doesn't take away from the overall story, on the contrary, in my opinion the development of that relationship enhanced the story and the romance. A great read! Grade B+

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