I hope Impressions of a Reader continues to reflect my passion for books, reading and the adventure the experience represents to me; an experience I want to continue sharing with you. I've always been a curious reader who loves to see what different genres and new or unknown-to-me authors have to offer. Every so often you may find some surprises here, you will certainly find variety.

Changes, and policy clarification, effective 1/1/2016:  ARCs (advanced reader's copies) accepted from selected publishers, publicists, and authors only. Please note that reviews will be posted as close to release date as possible, or according to my schedule. When contacting me, kindly state your preferences: please specify if highlighting, posting excerpts or quotes are allowable substitutes for formal reviews.

  • Unless otherwise indicated, all books reviewed at Impressions of a Reader are owned by me, purchased, or obtained through book swaps.
GRADING SCALE: Using (+/-)

A+ = Outstanding 
A   = Excellent
A-  = Loved it
B+ = Great Read
B   = Solid Read
B-  = Very Good, recommended with caveats
C+ = Above Average
C   = Average Read
C-  = Average leaning towards fair
D+ = Fair, not recommended
D   = Below Average, not recommended
D-  = Problematic, not recommended
F   = Not Recommended
DNF = Did Not Finish. Not for me.
  • I grade my impressions if I provide enough information about the book to justify a grade. However, I do not grade my personal thoughts  (example: see On the Hybrid Zone and Perdido Street Station.) as there is not enough of an assessment to give the reader a complete view of the book. I will post my final grade for these books at end-of-month posts and on my current Books Read Page.