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M/M Mini: A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mysteries, Book 2) by Josh Lanyon

In this second LA-based adventure, bookseller Adrien English arrives at the Pine Shadow Ranch (left to him by a beloved grandmother) to find a corpse in his driveway. But by the time the unfriendly local sheriffs arrive, the body has disappeared.

Who are the mysterious strangers excavating on his land? And will he sort out his problems with LAPD Detective Jake Riordan, heavily into S/M sex but not so hot on relationships? Find out in this engrossing, slyly witty thriller.
This series is getting better. A Dangerous Thing, the second book in the Adrien English Mysteries series, has excellent balance between the mystery/suspense and Adrien and Jake's developing relationship. I love how well Lanyon almost seamlessly integrates the two. The mystery is full of great twists and turns with multiple murders, suspects and red herrings thrown into the mix. I didn't really guess who the murderer was until almost the end; just the way I like my mysteries.

Adrien was well developed in Fatal Shadows, but we only got enough of Jake to wet our appetite. In A Dangerous Thing there's a bit more focus on him, and we begin to see exactly how deeply conflicted he is about his sexuality. Jake is harshly vocal about his beliefs and self-doubts, resulting in uncomfortable situations and not so pretty scenes. Jake is still a work in progress when it comes to development, and I would say he has a long way to go as his character unfolds slowly.

I couldn't help but think as I was reading the story... "Adrien, you lovely man, what are you getting into? Get out while you can!" But as their relationship seems to be deepening, it's obvious that Adrien is going to go for it with Jake... he is cruising for a bruising and that's obvious too. Their intimate scenes together caught me by surprise. I expected passion, but not the tenderness that's obviously the "hook" when it comes to Jake.

I am loving Lanyon's writing, these mysteries, the characters that populate them and can't wait to read The Hell You Say.

Genre: LGBT Suspense/Mystery
Series: Adrien English Mysteries, Book 2
Release Date: 2007 Revised Edition
Grade: B+

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  1. Another AE fan! This really is a fantastic series. Glad you're enjoying it :)

  2. This often seems to be the book in the series most people don't rate as highly, but I really like it because it takes them away from their familiar surroundings (and some of their--esp Jake's--baggage) to a certain extent.

    You are so right about Jake's "hook"! For all his rough edges, he is so tender with Adrien. Oh man, every time I read a review of the series, I want to re-read it! lol

  3. Definitely a fan here, Mariana! Just sorry I waited so long to read the books. :)

    Renee, I REALLY liked this book! I didn't mention the atmosphere or the setting in my Mini, but I loved both & thought they were perfect for the mystery & for that one-on-one time Jake & Adrien needed to take that next step. I liked Fatal Shadows, but THIS is the book that hooked me on the series... and it hooked me badly. So yes, I agree with you, great book!

  4. See, and I was just hoping the two men would get in deeper! lol

    I really love this series - glad you're enjoying it as well.

  5. Their intimate scenes together caught me by surprise. I expected passion, but not the tenderness...

    I had a similar reaction and mentioned this as well when I reviewed this book. For me their verbal sparing was highly effective in portraying the mounting sexual and emotional tension between them, in turn increasing the anticipation of their first encounter. While I did find it erotic at the same time it was surprisingly poignant because given their individual circumstances and issues, it leaves both exposed and vulnerable, albeit in different ways.

    As you, it was this book that hooked me line and sinker on the series. I love Lanyon's measured revealing of Jake with each book.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the series. You're coming up on my favourite book in the series in respect of the mystery story, and of course more of Adrien and Jake. Looking forward to you impressions of this one.


  6. LOL Tracy, I know what you mean, but I couldn't help having those thoughts a few times while I was reading! Not after reading Jake's conflicts. *g*

    Indi, wasn't that just the biggest surprise? I was taken aback and hooked at the same time! And you're so right! The sparing, sarcasm & even the humorous moments between them are quite effective in the build-up.

    As soon as I'm finished with these, I'm running to read your reviews! I'm avoiding spoilers at this time, LOL! Specially since I've become obsessed! Isn't that just like me? ;P

  7. Argh, you make me want to read this series so badly, Hils!! of course, I don't know why I haven't yet so far... soon, soon!! I'm just glad you are enjoying it so much :D

  8. Oh good! Soon you'll be just as obsessed as I am, lol!


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