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M/M Review: The Boy Can't Help It: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms by Gavin Atlas

At some point, hasn't every bottom yearned to be ravished by a powerful, inescapable top? What dominant hasn't fantasized about a gorgeous young sub with an incredible ass, so horny he could never say no? The Boy Can't Help It offers over a dozen such stories of beautiful young men: a gymnast, a diver, a surfer, a marine and many college boys submitting to construction workers, horny professors, butch jocks, corporate titans, insatiable miners, and even one's own psychiatrist. Whether you long to be the helpless bottom or the top nailing him...whether your wet dream is a bit of bondage, a gang bang, sex on the sand, or naughty Gavin Atlas has the stories to satisfy your every need.
The Boy Can't Help It: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms is a collection of Gavin Atlas' erotic and raw short stories.

As the title indicates, all are stories about bottoms and their erotic fantasies. For the most part these thirteen stories contain short, raw, sweaty, marathon-style sexual encounters. In other words, these are down and dirty, erotic fantasy-based "stroke" shorts, where in some cases the more the merrier applies and no is not a word often used. Gavin Atlas' talent for writing great slutty bottoms, dominant tops and their wet dream fantasies in a fast paced, clean and raw style is well showcased in this collection.

If you're looking for a hot bottom fantasy, you'll probably find it here. You'll find single hot encounters as in Wet Pass, the story of a polo player and a reporter. A short, hot, wet unexpected sexual encounter and the story that hooked me on Gavin Atlas' raw writing style. Or Blue Star Boy, the sexual fantasy of a man who while on a cross-country search for that perfect bottom finds him, and a bit more.

You'll also find stories involving multiple partners, interesting tricks, and slutty bottoms going on wild fantasy rides. Boy do they ever! In Claiming Danny, Simple and Easy, and Business with Pleasure all fantasies are fulfilled. Although I've only mentioned a few titles as examples, all the stories in this collection are well-written, sizzling reads. There's even what I'm calling a "bonus" story included in the book, an error by the printing press that gave the readers that extra hot read.

I love collections by single writers because usually their best work is compiled under one cover and I can take my time reading and savoring each story slowly, this is no exception. I took my time reading this book and can tell you without reservation that Gavin Atlas' The Boy Can't Help It: Sensual Stories of Young Bottoms (with a gorgeous cover I can't help but drool over) is now part of my permanent erotica print collection.

Genre: LGBT/ Gay Erotica
Series: None
Release Date: Lethe Press/February 14, 2010
Grade: B+

Visit Gavin Atlas here.

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  1. Haha...I remember commenting this image before (early this year), when I said that the pix was a tease! Now, I wasn't sure if the story was really good or the fact that your review is very convincingly good. I could probably sneak this book in to my room without my mom noticing it (one day) Until then this book will remain for my eyes only.

  2. LOL, Natalie. The cover is gorgeous but I can tell you that the book content is just as yummy. For your eyes only is a good idea (no Mom). :D

  3. Ok how much do I love the name of this book? It sounds great! lol Thanks for your thoughts - I'm going to put this one on my wish list.

  4. HA! I'm just finalizing my review of the compilation for posting later on this week (love our timing by osmosis) so my eyes are covered as I'm typing this - don't want to peek at your review - LOL! I'll be back after I've posted though so we can chat and compare notes.


  5. Tracy, isn't that a great title? I love it! There's a story in the book with the title, but it actually fits ALL the stories. ;P Hope you get it and enjoy it too.

    Indi, we must be on the same writing schedule! LOLOL! I can't wait to read your review. We'll definitely chat on this one. :)

  6. Hi Hils! Thanks for posting on my review. You know I have my favourites among Gavin's previously published stories that appear in this collection, but I really enjoyed all of the new ones. I felt they showcased the evolution of his writing.

  7. Me again! LOL! Yep, "down and dirty," "slutty bottoms" and "the more the merrier" pretty much sums it up. Most excellent review!

  8. Indi, thanks! And hah, your review at the TDB was just great, I agreed with your take. You've read more of his previously published stories than I have, so some of those were new-to-me. I loved them all. I can definitely see what you mean about the evolution in his writing though. And LOL, I love his slutty bottom boys... ;P


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