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Review: Take On Me (Daytime Divas, Book 1) by Sarah Mayberry

In Take on Me, the first book in the category romance Daytime Divas series, Sarah Mayberry begins with a couple who has a past history. Dylan Anderson was the cool/dumb high school hunk and Sadie Post the shy/plain high school geek.

Their high school history is a predictable one, she had a secret crush on him and he was oblivious, although very much aware of her existence, and of course things didn't end up well for them. While Sadie unwittingly hurt him deeply, Dylan purposefully humiliated her during prom night and neither ever forgot the hurt or the humiliation. Mayberry takes this predictable storyline and turns it into a fun, hot read by using the enemies-to-lovers trope. 

Years later, Sadie and Dylan end up working together on the popular soap opera Ocean Boulevard's writing team. Let me tell you, these two cannot stand each other! She still can't keep her eyes off Dylan, but resents the heck out him, and now he can't keep his eyes off Sadie, but can't abide the woman. This is where all the fun begins! I love the witty, sarcastic dialogue between Sadie and Dylan... the internal hateful thoughts that cross their minds while they lust after each other, and the steamy sexual tension that just builds from all that hostility.

Whenever she'd cast him in one of her revenge fantasies, he'd always been balding and paunchy, with a pronounced stoop. Sometimes she even gave him missing teeth... But unfortunately for her, the years had been kind to Dylan. Not just kind, generous. Really, really generous.....
The bastard. 
This book is funny and hot! And I mean funny moments right in the middle or after their sexual encounters.

After the deed is done:
All the while she tried to ignore the warm throb between her legs. While every other part of her was cringing with regret over what had happened, her vagina was lying back, smoking a cigarette and vibrating with smug satisfaction.
The "hate/lust"part of this story is resolved midway through the book and that's when the deeper development of the relationship really begins. Mayberry fleshes out these characters and this relationship while still having them go at it like bunnies -- after all this is a Blaze so they must. 

The pacing during the second half of the book slowed down, and I missed that fast pace and tension that really had me going during their "hate/hate" lust-filled exchanges. Overall, Take on Me was a solid fun read with lots of steam and a sweet ending.

Genre: Contemporary Category Romance
Series: Daytime Divas, Book 1
Release Date: March 2, 2007 / Kindle Edition
Grade: Solid B

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  1. Sounds steaming!!! Looks like a great solid read!!!

  2. "Whenever she'd cast him in one of her revenge fantasies, he'd always been balding and paunchy, with a pronounced stoop."

    From that little bit I know I'm going to like Sadie. :)

    I still need to read the Daytime Divas series so thanks for the review and the reminder. :D

  3. LoR, this is a great read!

    Leslie, I think you're going to loooove Sadie! And hmm... Dylan too -- yeah, definitely Dylan too. :D

  4. I'm going to look for this book. :)

  5. Tabz, I'm getting the rest of the Daytime Divas series! If they're as much fun as this one, I can't wait to read them. I hope you enjoy this book. :D

  6. Oh my my...I am speechless. My plot assignment I just submitted was similar to the main plot of this book. I didn't even know this book existed!!!! errr. I guess my plot will remain as a graded assignment. haha.

    I am going to buy this book. I love this kind of story and I think I'm going to love this book. I remember once I've read about your review from this same author (something about secret fling and you liked it too). I'm now convinced that this author is good and worthy of my time.

    Thanks for a great and enjoyable review Hils...

  7. Natalie, how interesting about your plot assignment. In that case, I think you'll really love this book, the plot is really well executed here. I'm really loving Mayberry, try this one and see what you think. The other book I recommended here was Her Secret Fling, I really loooved that one, and Anything For You is my favorite book by her so far. :D

  8. LOL, I agree with Leslie, Sadie sounds great :D I'm starting to have a collection of Sarah Mayberry because of you two!! and Ames :P

  9. LOL Nath, Sadie was a hoot! All our Mayberry collections are growing, so far I've enjoyed all her books. :)


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