Saturday, May 8, 2010

Celebrating My 1st Anniversary

Good morning. It's May 8th and today I'm celebrating my first Anniversary at Impressions... One year old, can you believe it?!! I can't. Time goes fast when you're having fun, and this has been fun!

In reading my first introductory post "On Reading, Romance and Vices," I realize that it was the perfect introduction, it describes me to a "t." Reading is a personal pleasure that has evolved into a vice I can't and won't give up. A year ago, when I wrote that post I wasn't really sure blogging was for me.

I can be pretty selfish when it comes to reading and was afraid blogging would interfere with my routine. But I made a deal with myself that if or when blogging began to interfere with my reading, I would give it up. Fortunately for me that has not been the case, and here I am a year later enjoying the heck out of myself writing reviews and impressions from my perspective as a reader. It turns out that sharing that reading pleasure in this little space has only enhanced it for me.

So cheers to the wonderful readers and old and new "cyber" friends who stop by and make it fun to share.  Thank you for your support this last year.

Later on this week I would like to celebrate this first anniversary by having my first giveaway as a thank you. In the meantime, here's a rose for you. :)



  1. Hil sez:

    "It turns out that sharing that reading pleasure in this little space has only enhanced it for me."

    Hey! How wonderful. Happy blogiversary, Hilcia!!!!

  2. Congrats Hilcia!!



  3. Congrats on the anniversary! I certainly enjoy your Impressions!

  4. Happy Blogiversary! I can't believe it's already been a year! I didn't get any older. :) (yeah, right)

    Congrats on a wonderful blog! Cheers - here's to many more!

  5. (((hugs))) I'm so glad you started Impressions, and sharing your love of reading.

    Happy Blogversary! :)

  6. Thank you ladies! It has been a pleasure. :)

  7. Congrats on one year, Hils! I'm so glad that you've enjoyed it. :)

  8. Happy 1st Bloganiversary, Hils!! I hope you have many, many, many more blogging years in you!! :D

    and LOL, blogging is just an extension of reading :D

  9. Congrats, Hilcia. I'm glad you were not only able to share reading with writing but enjoy dong so as well!

  10. Catching up with my Google Reader...

    but wanted to pop in and say happy, happy blogiversary! Yippeee!

  11. WOw! Has it really been a year already?! Time sure does fly! Congratulations and I'm so happy you have carved this wonderful place for yourself to share with us! :D

    Here's to many more!!! xo

  12. Happy anniversary Hils! As Christine said, here's to many more!

  13. Can you believe it Christine? Thank you, I hope the next one is as much fun.

    Orannia, thank you. Cheers!


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