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M/M Mini: Crossing Borders by Z. A. Maxfield

Tristan's got issues; he knows he does. So when his most recent girlfriend dumps him via messenger, and he can't stop staring at the messenger's cock while he's breaking the news, Tristan figures it's about time he makes some changes. He formulates a foolproof plan to get himself someone who can show him what he's been missing -- until who should crash his little adventure but Officer Michael Truax, the man who gave him a really expensive ticket for boarding without a helmet back when he was in high school.

Michael has been trying to catch Tristan for give him a second ticket. Suddenly he's faced with his 'Sparky', all grown up -- and looking to get laid. The habit of protecting him isn't gone completely, but the opportunity is too much to resist. He figures the kid must know what he's getting into, so he takes him home. There, they carry on a cautious dance, only to find out that neither is what the other expected, and that together, they're hot enough to melt glass.
Crossing Borders by Z.A. Maxfield was a lovely coming out story. If you like that first kiss, that first love scene, that first everything... you'll love this book. I enjoyed the humor and the characters, never mind the hot couple that Officer Helmet and his "boy" Sparky made.

However although there are conflicts to the story, I found them to be somewhat predictable, lacking and... perfect. Tristan is the perfect son who has the perfectly lucky and "safe" coming out, with a perfectly accepting family and in the process finds the perfect man in Michael. I kept waiting for some edge to the story and never got it.

In the end I thought Crossing Borders lacked edge and real conflict, and although the story itself was predictable, there were plenty of sizzling hot moments and humor to keep me entertained, as well as the extremely likable couple, their "happily ever after" and the sweet epilogue.

Genre: M/M Romance
Series: None
Release Date: September 8, 2008
Grade: C+

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  1. Hi Hils,

    Crossing Borders was the first book I read by this author and I recall enjoying the read and in particular her writing. What I liked most was the humour, especially in respect of that first scene at the bookstore between Officer Helmet and Sparky. And I must say that I did enjoy Tristan as a character. While there is angst, you are right in that there really isn't that much edge, which I guess is in keeping with the romance genre overall and HEAs in general. Your last paragraph sums it up quite nicely.


  2. Hi Indi,

    This was a good read for me and the ZAM's humor definitely contributed to my enjoyment -- I particularly enjoyed Thanksgiving & that prayer by Tristan's brother. I remember it's one of the things I enjoyed a lot from ePistols at Dawn.

    I guess that while the angst was there, I expected a bit more conflict for Tristan and thought things were too pat throughout the story, even for one with a HEA -- especially since this is a coming out story and a contemporary. I'm going to read St. Nacho's next... I've heard great things about that story. :)

  3. Thank you Hils. Hmmmm. I like the sound of it, but I'm not so sure about the lack of edge... Might be nice for a change though :)

  4. Orannia, you might really enjoy this book, actually. This story is quite popular with M/M readers and I'm pretty sure I'm in the minority in my assessment. It is a nice M/M romance with a nice HEA, and hot moments -- in that sense it's quite enjoyable.

  5. Hey Hils! I really liked this book. I thought there was conflict enough with Tristan's "first love" angst and Michael's job/history.

    My issue was the lack of reaction to the age gap, but that was minor. This has actually become one of my re-reads, as I really liked the characters and the love between Michael and Tristan.

  6. Hey Mariana! I'm so glad you love this book. I know this is a loved story and a re-read for many. Michael and Tristan make a lovely couple & I can see how this can become a comfort read.

    For me, although I expected that first love angst, I thought the issues that come from "crossing" that border were addressed mildly for Tristan. His was quite the smooth transition and I did expect a more realistic approach to that situation. I think my expectations came from reading ePistols... first where ZAM delivered romance with that touch of realism.

  7. This sounds like one to check out. I so loved reading ePistols last month (my first book by ZAM) and this sounds like a nice, light read.

  8. Renee, I loved ePistols! I remember you liked the humor and the setting in ePistols, you'll like both in Crossing Borders. Hope you enjoy it. :D

  9. This sounds like the kind of story I like! But I admit to letting the cover deter me. I'm a cover snob, I know...


  10. Oh ames, don't let the cover deter you, lol! Close your eyes and read it, I think you WILL enjoy this book. :D


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