Tuesday, May 24, 2016

@my brother's poetry reading

Long day at work with a headache to boot! I have a couple of reviews on the works, but unfortunately not for tonight. So, a personal note with a bookish theme.

I'm always mentioning my two older brothers, either in posts or comments, mainly because they have always influenced my reading and, hopefully, I have influenced theirs. We read, read, read. We debate, discuss, agree, disagree, and agree to disagree. It's great fun!

So here is some news. Back in March, my eldest brother Noel was invited to read his poetry at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at NYU. The first picture was taken during the reading, and the one with the three of us was taken during the reception that took place afterward-- that's my brother Alex on the right.

Noel's next poetry volume, in Spanish, will release this summer. Although I have never mentioned it here before, we are all very proud of his work -- past and present.


  1. How wonderful to have siblings who also love to read! Congrats to your brother for publishing his poetry. Is this the same brother who walked the Appalachian Trail? I would imagine that would make for some beautiful inspiration.

    1. Leslie, I'm lucky that way. The three of us have been avid readers since an early age, and love to discuss the books we read.

      And, yes, Noel is the brother who walked the Appalachian trail, has finished the Santiago de Compostela trail in Spain numerous times, and hiked through selected parts of Italy. ;)

  2. Sorry about your headache, Hils :( Hope it's gone!!

    I love your brothers!! Such great guys! You're lucky :)

    1. Thank you Nath. My headaches persisted and became brutal! I missed a post on Wednesday, but am finally feeling better!

      And, my brothers think you are the cat's meow, Nath! I am lucky… thank you! :)


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