Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday Weekly Update

It's Sunday and time to do an update for my 30 Day Blog Challenge, and some commentary about last week's posts. I missed posting an update last week, but then, it was Mother's Day. :)

Update & Impressions of a Reader Turns 7!
  • My 7th blogiversary and a commentary on the current status of my reading and blogging woes. 
…On the 2016 Locus Award Finalists List
  • I loved this list of Locus Award Finalists. I posted my list of books read, but most importantly, a list of books I already own and WANT to read.
  • Update: I have already read one book on that list, and began reading a second. See? It works! 
Tonight: Reading vs. Reviewing
  • Struggling to choose between writing a review and picking up a book I desperately wanted to read. Everyone agreed that I should read! I did!
I missed posting on Thursday, so I'm behind one post for the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Reason? Worked late, fried brain! I deemed it best not to even try posting a picture! :)

Want to Read: Romance, Fantasy, LGBT Spec Fic, UF
  • May releases I want to read. I already downloaded Only Beloved by Mary Balogh because I'm a huge fan of the author, and I've enjoyed a few books from this series. Also downloaded The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood. This fantasy was a random pick on part mainly because well… Dragons! I'm hoping it will be a good choice.
  • In the meantime, I'm really looking forward to Tuesday and the release of 'Nathan Burgoine's new novel, Triad Blood. I loved his first novel Light, plus, he is a favorite LGBT author whose works (short fiction definitely included) I try not to miss. 
  • Then there is All Fixed Up by Linda Grimes, another random pick on my part. I chose this book because it is urban fantasy with humor. I need humor in my life, so why not?
  • And last, but not least, Sleepless in Manhattan by Sarah Morgan is part of her "From Manhattan with Love" contemporary romance series. Romance set in New York? Enough said! 
Review: Ancillary Mercy (Trilogy #3) by Ann Leckie
  • And finally on Saturday, I wrote and posted a complete review (no mini). This is the science fiction book from the Locus list that I finished this week. Also the book that I was reading Wednesday night! So worth it!! 


  1. Nice recap, Hils! I like how you can do these and keep them short LOL.

    1. Thanks Nath. For now, this will be my Sunday post. It should keep me honest and motivated while we participate in the Challenge.

  2. I missed a day too but I think we're all doing great!

    1. Leslie, Thursday is a blur! And, I agree, we are doing very well after all those months away from the blogosphere. :) (Patting each other on the back works too!) LOL

  3. I saw the Todd Lockwood in the bookstore on Sunday - was tempted to buy, but it was hardcover...

    All of you are rocking this 30 day challenge!

    1. It is a hardcover! I purchased the Kindle edition because I didn't want to spend the money on the print copy. It does have some beautiful illustrations! He is an illustrator, right?

      And thanks for the lift on the 30 day challenge! It's getting easier as days go by. :)

  4. This is a really good idea! I'm going to start this too.

    1. I'm glad you like it, Ames! It helps me keep track. (I think I missed another post the week before and didn't realize?) LOL!


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