Sunday, May 22, 2016

Sunday: Weekly Update May 22nd

Happy Sunday everyone! It's time to post an update and short commentary for my 30 Day Blog Challenge for last week.

Monday- May 16th
Nebula Award Winners: Books & Magazines
  • From the Nebula Award Winners, Uprooted by Naomi Novik made it to my "2015 Favorite Books & Authors" list. And, I highly recommend Binti by Nnedi Okorafor for the excellent mixture of SF with African culture, the POC protagonist, and the unique world-building ideas incorporated by the author (i.e.: mathematical treeing). 
  • Don't miss the free online links provided for Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, as well as the free online link to the winning short story at Nightmare Magazine. 
Tuesday - May 17th
Review: Eidolon (Wraith Kings #2) by Grace Draven
  • I am loving Grace Davren's Wraith Kings' fantasy romance series, and highly recommended Eidolon. There a few unanswered questions which I'm sure will be addressed in the 3rd installment The Ippos King, due to be released in 2017.  
Wednesday - May 18th
TBR Review: The Brush of Black Wings (Master of Crows #2) by Grace Draven
  • For my first TBR review of the year, I chose another fantasy romance book by Grace Draven. The reason behind it? It is a bridge story between the Master of Crows and the Wraith Kings series containing spoilers (which I did not give away) for Eidolon
Thursday - May 19th
Poetry: Angel Park by Roberto F. Santiago
  • Sometimes when I find a book that touches me personally, I'm reluctant to (or can't) share it. Angel Park is one of those… 
  • Angel Park is Robert F. Santiago's debut poetry collection. After reading it, I'm left wondering, what comes next from this poet? His poetry is vivid, penetrating, and for those of you reluctant to read poetry, I would describe it as accessible with deceivingly simple language. The more you read the poems, the more substance you will find. 
Friday - May 20th
Music Video: Vivir Mi Vida (Live my Life) Ehh… Mi gente!
  • I shared this video because the song itself just makes me want to celebrate life, the moment. This past Friday, that's how I felt. :) 
Saturday - May 21st
Reading Break: A 'Nathan Burgoine Saturday
  • These days, reading one book tends to take a few days and blogging takes time. I decided to dedicate my Saturday to reading one book: Triad Blood a new Urban Fantasy release by favorite writer 'Nathan Burgoine. 
  • Although it is not necessary to follow the story on Triad Blood, I'm anal and decided to reread or read four short stories connected to the characters. Since I already owned three of the four anthologies, it was a matter of going back to them and purchasing the one I missed. 
  • All anthologies are available at Bold Strokes Books. In order: (1) "Three," in Blood Sacraments: Gay Vampire Erotica ed. Todd Gregory. Available on its own for .99 cents or free with any ebook purchase; (2) "Intercession" in Wings: Subversive Gay Angel Erotica ed. Todd Gregory $3.99 (3) "Possession" in Erotica Exotica: Tales of Sex & Magic ed. Richard Labonte, purchased for $2.99, and (4) "Necessary Evil" in Raising Hell: Demonic Gay Erotica ed. Todd Gregory $4.99
That was my weekly recap folks! I did not miss a day for the challenge and that makes me happy. And, hopefully, between the reviews and the links, you will find a few good reads!


  1. It was a good week and you gave more than a few good reads to add to the list. :)

    1. Leslie, I'm finding a stride. It's tough coming up with something every day, but it is a great exercise. When I go back to a slower pace, it will feel like a walk in the park. LOL!

  2. The challenge is really working!! Woohoo :)


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