Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mini-Review: Joe's Wife by Cheryl St. John


Tye Hatcher returned to Aspen Grove to find that life in the sleepy Western town hadn't changed much. The townspeople stubbornly refused to see the man he had become. That is, everybody but Meg Telford. Meg definitely took notice of the reticent rancher and gave him a chance in life when no one else would. Still, Meg clung to the memories of her late husband, afraid of the feelings Tye aroused in her heart. And though Tye vowed to proved his worth to the town, could he ever prove to Meg that he was worthy of her love?

Joe's Wife is my first book by Cheryl St. John. I saw a beautiful review for this Harlequin Historical romance at Leslie's Psyche and I just had to read it. This is an older book, 10 years old, but in my opinion worth searching out to read. I'm so glad I read it.

Tye Hatcher recently returned to Aspen Grove from the war. The same war that took the life of Meg Telford's husband Joe. As a bastard and the son of a saloon girl, Tye had a tough time growing up in a small town where its people always treated him like a pariah. He is a good man who is not judged by his character, but by the circumstances of his birth. Joe has dreams and something to prove to the people of Aspen Grove.

Meg Telford is a sweet, beautiful young woman who loved her husband. She wants nothing more than to continue the dream she and Joe began when they bought their ranch together. Even though the ranch now belongs to her, she's a woman and alone. This fact makes it tough for her to continue what Joe started. Meg finds herself fighting Joe's family and the bank to fulfill their dream. But Meg's sweetness hides a spine of steel, she'll do what it takes to keep Joe's ranch and what is hers. Meg's answer is to take a husband and Tye Hatcher is the perfect man.

I loved the way Cheryl St. John developed this story and the characters. The slow, tentative way in which these two people get to know each other and their love blooms. I fell in love with Tye and the subtle way in which he showed his love, as well as his passion for Meg. And, I couldn't help but admire Meg. Their guilts, self-doubts, jealousies, sexual tension and needs are realistic and understandable. Both Meg and Tye have issues and baggage that they bring to this unexpected marriage and the way they handle them, themselves and the town's reactions make the story in Joe's Wife.

This was a quick read for me and one I thoroughly enjoyed. Cheryl St. John has an extensive backlist and recent releases and you can be sure I'll be reading more of them.

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  1. This one is my favourite Cheryl St. John and one of my favourite all time books so I'm so glad that you enjoyed this one also! She's a wonderful writer and you have some more good reads ahead of you :)

  2. I'm glad you like her writing. I just picked up two of her books from a UBS yesterday so hopefully I'll enjoy her books as well!

  3. So glad you liked it Hils. I just knew you would! :)

  4. KristieJ, I can see why this is a favorite. A beautiful book! I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

    Tabitha, I hope you enjoy them too, can't wait to read your thoughts. I'm reading her latest release next. Her Colorado Man. :)

    Leslie! I did! Thank you so much for the recommendation & everything else. ;P Muah!

  5. OMG, I saw Her Colorado Man and didn't pick it up because the excerpt didn't interest me...arggh, the book was only 6 for $1 too so it was not a cost BUT I wanted to be good and not buy so much! Lol. *cough* even though I had put about 15 books in my bag. haha

  6. Ohhh, you got a good deal there Tabz. I've been to some great UBS in your area...

    I have a new copy of HCM *g* but I also have a couple of other books I want to get to by St. John. I believe she has a new one coming out in December too. :)

  7. Thanks for posting your review of Joe's Wife! It remains one of my favorite books. The copies are difficult to find, though it was reissued in the UK a while back.

    Cher :-)

  8. It was my pleasure, Cheryl. I'm looking forward to your next release and to reading Her Colorado Man. :) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. Ugh, am I the only one who cannot find a copy of this book?!? Glad that you enjoyed it Hilcia!!


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