Monday, October 18, 2010

Release: Out of the Ashes by R.W. Day

The world after the Ice remains a dangerous place. Callum and David have survived the dragons but rebuilding lives is no easy task. When the army comes to their town to enforce an evacuation, Callum is suspicious about their claims of tainted groundwater and radiation. David feels he must join his family in defending the town, even if rebellion means deadly force is needed. Tragedy strikes when the Brethren, a crazed religious order, seeks to control the new world through not only preaching intolerance but forced conversion and torture as well. Can the love between these young men withstand not only distance but betrayal?

Out of the Ashes by R.W. Day is finally out! This book is the sequel to A Strong and Sudden Thaw, an LGBT Fantasy/YA book I read and reviewed in August. If you read my review, then you know I loved that book and I've been looking forward to reading the continuation of David and Callum's adventures. Now it's finally here!

You can find this book here or here.


  1. Hils, I ordered Sudden Thaw from Amazon and devoured it when it arrived in September. I haven't written my review yet but I will be soon. I ordered Out Of The Ashes the day it was released and it arrived this past Friday. I haven't started reading it yet. I still have one book that I'm reading to review for RR that I have to finish first. My hands are itching though. The book is sitting on the side table in the living room and every so often I pick it up, look at the cover and quickly put it back because I don't trust myself. If I start reading it now I'll never finish the book and review for RR. I should hide it until I'm ready to read. I've got it bad! LOL

  2. Indi! You finished A Strong and Sudden Thaw and you loved it? I'm going to assume you did... you devoured it, the way I did. ;P

    I've been looking for this release daily and then it was released while I was distracted with RL and looking away. *g* But I'm getting it NOW! I don't blame you for hiding the book, I don't know if I would have the will power to do so, lol!

  3. Isn't it a great feeling when a book you have been SO eagerly anticipating FINALLY comes out?!

    Enjoy your book!

  4. "...and you loved it? I'm going to assume you did... you devoured it, the way I did."

    Oops. Did I forget to mention that I loved it? That would be a definitive YES! LOL

  5. Christine, yes it's wonderful! I didn't have to wait as long as others, so I'm lucky on this one, but YES!

    Indi, I'm so glad! I loved, loved the writing... but I'll wait for your review to find out what you liked most about A Strong and Sudden Thaw. In the meantime I'll be devouring Out of the Ashes. :D

  6. I just finished Out of the Ashes and I feel depressed and very disappointed. I would be interested to read your review of this book.

  7. Brit, I haven't had a chance to read this book yet! But I'm sorry you're depressed and disappointed after reading it.

    I'll certainly move it up on my list of books to read!


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