Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogger Friends, Books & a Grrreat Time!!

This was Columbus Day weekend, and Monday was a holiday for some of us in the States. It was also Thanksgiving in Canada. I hope all our Canadian friends had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry I'm late wishing you all a happy holiday but I was quite busy! I had a terrific holiday. A few weeks ago, Nath told me that her sister Emilie wanted to spend a weekend in New York City for her birthday. The two of them planned on driving down from Canada, and it just so happens that I live right across the City! So we planned and plotted and after a few bumps (Nath got sick!) next thing we knew, they were down here and we were having a wonderful time. We walked, walked and walked some more in NYC and we shopped, shopped and shopped some more in New Jersey (well, they shopped... I dropped, lol). Then Christine joined us Saturday afternoon and we had a great evening, book shopping (Nath can really book shop!), discussing books and we had a nice dinner by the Hudson River.

Nath and Emilie!

Nath is just so lovely! And Emilie is the sweetest... my family and I fell in love with both of them. Nath came bearing gifts -- books of course! She knows that I'm about to go on a Jennifer Crusie reading binge and brought me some good ones, plus! Here they are:

  • Jennifer Crusie: Strange Bedpersons, Getting Rid of Bradley, Man Hunting, What the Lady Wants, Fast Women, Trust Me on This, Anyone But You. I can't wait to get started on these!
  • Carolyn Brown: One Lucky Cowboy, Lucky in Love. I've been wanting to read these books by Carolyn Brown for since last year! I saw Leslie's great review for One Lucky Cowboy and wrote the title and author down on my TBB list. Now I can finally begin the series. 
  • Cherry Adair: Edge of Danger, Edge of Darkness, Edge of Fear. I'm curious about this series and Adair is another one of those authors I just keep bypassing... so this is my chance! 
  • Anne Bishop: The Tir Alainn Trilogy (The Pillars of the World, Shadows and Light, The House of Gaian). This is another series I've had on my TBB list! AND, I have the Black Jewels Trilogy by Bishop in my TBR pile already, so yes... I'll be reading Bishop.  
Thank you Nath for your generosity!

Of course, I had to buy some books when we went to Borders, but I was GOOD! I only bought the books I had on my list for September and October. :)
  • The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook... (Yay, I finished reading this one already!)
  • Killbox by Anne Aguire, FINALLY more Jax!
  • Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews... OMG, I can't wait to read it! 
  • Double Cross by Carolyn Crane... more Justine! 
  • AND, from the books I highlighted in my Cowboys & More Cowboys post, I chose to buy Cade Coulter's Return by Lois Faye Dyer in print. 
I loved meeting Nath in person and I know we'll be seeing more of each other in the near future. :D Thank you for everything Nath and Emilie, I had the best of times! AND, I hope you had a good time and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMILIE! 


  1. LOL - yeah, Nath is hard core when it comes to book shopping. You should see her in a used bookstore! Sounds like you had a great time, and yeah for bloggers visiting!

  2. I had a wonderful time with you again, Hilcia. I'm so glad I was able to join you lovely ladies. I started typing up a similar post... ;)

    LOL! Wendy! A UBS was originally on our agenda, but we ran out of time because the one we found was only open until 4 pm! But Hils and I will scout it for nath's next visit....

  3. What fun! Not surprising about Nath's book shopping skills and you did pretty good yourself Hils. :)

  4. Wendy, I can't wait to see Nath at a UBS. Next visit. :D

    Christine, me too! I'll come look at your post. ;P And yes! We'll have to scout the UBS now that we know they're not extinct in NJ!

    Leslie, it was!! Yeah, it wasn't surprising, but interesting to see in person...;D I did great for me, just not in comparison to Nath, lol!

  5. Sounds like you all had a great time! I can't wait to read Bayou Moon and The Iron Duke myself!

    You'll have to let me know what you think about the Anne Bishop trilogy. I've only read her Black Jewel series and I love it so much I'm almost afraid to leave it for another world. lol

    Also let me know about the Crusie you got. I have it and have read it but it's definitely not a fav of mine. I'd like another opinion. :)

  6. HI Nath & Emilie! *waves* Oh, I can't wait to hear what you think of the Black Jewel books!

  7. Glad you guys had a great time! Nath is the ultimate book shopper. :P

    And read the Black Jewels Trilogy! Those books are so great.

  8. Tracy, yes, some great books out at the moment! I'm definitely going to reading some Bishop (and Crusie, lol). Nath brought me 7 Crusie books, so I have enought to indulge and now I have 2 different Bishop trilogies. I'll definitely let you know what I think of Strange Bedpersons. :)

    Orania, definitely! ;D

    Ames, we did! It was fast and short, but we had a great time. I'm taking lessons from Nath on book shopping, I buy what I want, but I'm usually like a "deer in the headlights" when I go to a bookstore. :)
    I'll definitely read that trilogy!

  9. LOL, ultimate book shopper. I like the ring of it!

    Hils, I just want to thank you once again for welcoming us in your home! It was awesome to meet and hang out with you!! :P

    I do hope you enjoy the books I brought, especially the JC! She's one awesome author and I've just started Maybe this Time! :P

  10. Well Nath, you are!! :D (Next time, UBS!)

    Aww Nath... we had a great time with you both! Thank you for everything. You know what I mean. ;P

    I know I'll enjoy the books! I already began reading Strange Bedpersons. *g* I can't wait to read your thoughts on Maybe This Time!


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