Monday, May 23, 2011

Meeting a Friend, NYC, Dinner and Books!

This post is late! I had a crazed, long working week and wasn't able to put up my posts last week, but better late than never... right?

Last Tuesday evening I finally had the opportunity of meeting in person one of my oldest on-line friends, and wasn't that just the best treat?! Indigene (Indie Reviews) and I met on-line in 2007 and since then have been trading book recommendations and conducting our own, and often lengthy, in-depth book discussions through emails.

Well, Indie finally came all the way from Ottawa, Canada to New York City and of course we had to meet each other in person, even if it was for one day or one evening. We met at the Port Authority and took a taxi to one of my favorite little places in the West Village, La Lanterna Caffe on McDougal. I love that little place because of its atmosphere, service, food, good wine, great coffee and desserts, but the best feature is that you can sit there all night and they won't bother you or throw you out! LOL!

It's a good thing too, because Indie and I sat there from around 5:45 p.m. to around 10:30 p.m. talking, discussing books, talking and just.... talking. Let me tell you, those hours were not enough! We share a mutual love of history, politics, literature and the LGBT genre, and it was wonderful to be able to discuss in person the books and authors whose works we love. And how about the fact that it felt as if we had known each other forever? We just picked up where we left off on those emails... how great was that?!

Of course we brought each other a little "hello, it's nice to meet you" present, and guess what it was? Not much of a guess when it comes to book bloggers, right?

Indie gifted me with two unique Canadian surprises: a delicious bottle of Maple Syrup -- my husband was licking his chops before I got through the door, lol! And I was ecstatic when I unwrapped one of Indie's favorite books, a novel I've been wanting to read ever since she reviewed it for Three Dollar Bill Reviews, The Summer Between by Canadian author Andrew Binks. Here it is!
On the ‘wide, slow river’ in front of his home, twelve-year-old Dougaldo Montmigny navigates the dark waters of homophobia and racism while realizing his parents’ disintegrating relationship and the complexity of his own feelings for a summertime playmate. Dougaldo’s transitional ‘summer between’ is a lesson on love, desire, and innocence lost.
In turn, I gifted her with two of my favorite books.

The first was a book I simply loved and wish everyone would read! My 2010 LGBT Speculative Fiction top pick and Lambda 2010 finalist under their SF/Fantasy/Horror Category, Diana Comet and Other Improbable Stories by Sandra McDonald. The second book was another 2010 release, but one I read and loved this year, The Perfect Family by Kathryn Shay. I'm hoping Indie enjoys these books as much as I did.

Indigene is just a lady in the best sense of the word -- warm, extremely bright and just as lovely in person and she is on line. It was a pleasure meeting her in person and I missed her company as soon as we parted. Thanks Indie for a wonderful evening! Let's do it again -- hopefully next time we won't have a whole week of pouring rain and we'll make it to the LGBT Bluestockings Bookstore. I promise! :D


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love meeting fellow book bloggers and talking till I'm blue. lol

  2. Oh, it looks like you had a great time!! I'm so glad for you!

  3. What a heart warming post, Hilcia. Truly.

    I'm so glad that you two finally met and had such a lovely time together.

  4. Woohoo, I'm glad you ladies had a great time together! Nothing better than to meet friends and have a great time! :)

    LOL at the maple syrup. Just too bad your husband cannot have too much of it :)

  5. Tracy, lol! I know what you mean... me too! :D

    Alex, I did! It was just so great meeting her. :)

    Christine, remember that first day we met and couldn't stop talking? AND the second? LOL! This was quite lovely. :D

    Nath, thank you. I agree, great time. My husband was a riot with the maple syrup, lol! He was counting the table spoons he could have and how he was going about having it so he could taste it better... *g*

  6. My dearest Hils,

    Thank you so much for this write up of our get together. I am so, so happy we had the opportunity to meet in person, miss you already and can't wait for our next visit. Perhaps in Canada?

    I read The Perfect Family and thoroughly enjoyed it and am saving Diana Comet to read when I know there will no interruptions.

    And I'm thrilled that the maple syrup was a hit with your husband! LOL

    Unfortunately, I'm back to reality today and off to work.

    I hope you have a wonderful day.


  7. Indie, I'm so glad you enjoyed The Perfect Family, already?!

    I had a ball and yes... maybe we'll meet in Canada the next time. I would love to take a trip up your way. :)

    Thank you again for everything. It was a wonderful evening and a pleasure.

  8. It's always so wonderful to meet our fellow bloggers, isn't it? And you're right - it's almost always like you've met a billion times before.

    And yay! Another person who read and loved The Perfect Family! So glad you're sharing the wealth :)

  9. YAH for meeting online friends. One day I'm going to make it to NY, and as well as catching up with old friends I am looking forward to meeting my online friends for the first time!

    And methinks I'm going to have to look into your favourite books :)

  10. Hello! Your post was so sweet, I'm envious, I'd like to meet some people I've come to "know" from the net, like you lol :), but an ocean is a bit too long a distance to cross.
    I hope the memories of that day last forever!!
    Take care!

  11. Lori, it's amazing how those meetings feel like meeting old friends, right? They are great! Passing on the good stuff! The Perfect Family was the perfect book in this case. *g*

    Orannia, lol! I look forward to your future travels and to meeting you in NYC! My favorite reads await you. :D

    Sonia, hi! I wish you could make it across the ocean! I wish I could. I would love to meet you. Since we didn't take pictures, this post will remind me of this first, warm meeting... good memory. :D

  12. What a wonderful way to spend time with a friend - talking books! It sounds like you picked the perfect place to do it too. :)

  13. Its always fun meeting online friends. I'm glad you guys had a good time and good stuff on all the books!!

  14. Leslie, it was like all times... for the first time, lol! I love that little place. ;P

    Ames, thank you. I hope to meet you when you come down for RWA. I'll be there on Tuesday! :D

  15. Thank you Mr. Binks! I hope to do so. :) This book means a lot to me.


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