Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latest book haul!

I rarely write up posts about books I add to my ever growing "to be read" pile, but I'm a bit excited about my latest additions. So here's my own random version of those "book haul" posts I love to visit. :)

I do love to buy those older backlist books and hunt for used books and deals. The following are in that category. Sunshine is a 2003 vampire book I heard about a long time ago when I didn't hmm... read books about vampires. I recently heard it mentioned again (don't remember where) and decided to read it. Nath and Tabitha highly recommend the Jennifer Estep UF series, and I've had the first book in my TBB list for a long time. Phyl recommended Miranda Neville's historical romances a while back and they just looked good! I purchased the three fantasy books below for the 2011 Women of Fantasy Book Club -- I'm already reading War for the Oaks by Emma Bull! And I found Kate Rothwell's historical romances at Amazon while searching and thought they looked interesting.

Used print books:

Kindle additions:

Here's Rick Riordan's latest release, The Throne of Fire. I decided to get the Kindle edition this time, instead of the print book. I also added two LGBT books by two favorite authors, Harper Fox and Josh Lanyon -- I continue to gloam Lanyon, and am slowly catching up with his extensive back list -- I finished The Dark Farewell last night! Then, there's Cherie Priest...I read Four and Twenty Blackbirds by Cherie Priest last month, and although it wasn't an outstanding read for me, I liked her writing. Renee recommended Bloodshot, Priest's latest UF series, so it went on my TBR. I also decided to buy Priest's short steam punk story Clementine, to give that world a shot. And last, but not least, I just had to buy this Blaze by Jill Shalvis! It's part of her Santa Rey firefighter series and I can't believe I missed it. Hot!

My SFR books! I bought three more... Enemy Within and latest release Enemy Games by Marcella Burnard, plus I pre-ordered Blue Galaxy by Diane Dooley, a Sci-Fi Romance that's releasing on May 9th!

Okay, that's it! I really did get some great prices on those used books! Oh well, until the end of the month, that's when I'll be looking for all those great new releases. :)


  1. I'm so glad you got the Miranda Neville books. And I loved the two Kate Rothwell books, too. I have one of her recent ebooks on my Kindle.

  2. Thanks, Hilcia, for sharing your "haul" with us. Wow!! I love second-hand bookstores and I also really enjoy reading books that are not any longer in the "newly released" spotlight but are wonderful romance fiction of all sorts. Getting this kind of book pile always makes my eyes shine and my hubby groan--where are we going to put all these books? LOL

  3. Oh! you got so many books!
    I hope to read your thoughts on the Marillier book, I've read some of hers and they are truly amazing, but I hadn't tried that one you got.

  4. Phyl, I finally got the Neville books! I'm particularly looking forward to reading The Wild Marquis after reading your review a while back. I had it bookmarked. Rothwell is going to be a new-to-me author... I've also had those books in my TBB list for quite a while and I'm looking forward to reading them.

    Dr J, I love old books too! There's just something about books that have been read and loved, right? I feel the same way about getting lots of books like this... it makes my day. My husband says the same thing... "we are starting to look like a book store, Hils!" LOL!

    Alex, this will be my first Marillier book and I bought it as part of the Book Club reads for the year. I know there are other excellent reads by her out there and will read them at some point. I have big hopes for this one. :)

  5. What a loot! I would be in book heaven with so many finds! I hope you will enjoy Spider's Bite. It was an awesome reading. :)

  6. OMG what a fantastic haul - I'm all but drooling :) I especially am looking forward to knowing what you think of The Midwinter Prince - that the Harper Fox book I've most had my eye on (although after your review of Driftwood... :)

    And I so need to read some more Josh Lanyon :)

  7. Tabitha I had my eye on Spider's Bite for a long time and finally! Now to read it. This is a loot that won't stay in my TBR for long. :D

    Orannia, Harper Fox! I thought of reading The Midwinter Prince first, but I had Driftwood in my TBR already and read that one first. I think you'll enjoy it. The Midwinter Prince is next. :D Lanyon's The Dark Farewell is another good read too... set in the 1920's -- I enjoyed this one.

  8. Wow! That sure looks like you've got some amazing reading ahead of you, Hils.

    I FINALLY have the first Elemental Assassin book in my TBR as well... I read Sunshine ages ago and loved it. The middle drags a tiny bit, but overall, it's really a fascinating story. I've got to hunt for Marillier's The Dark Mirror for next month, too...

    Those Marcella Burnard books look very interesting. You'll have to let me know what you think of them.

    Did you hunt for those at an online USB or somewhere local?

  9. Woohoo, what a way to celebrate your blogiversary!! Great haul, Hils!! and you know I know what I'm talking about LOL.

    Where did you buy the used print books? Online? I really, really hope you enjoy Spider's Bite!

    Hmmmm, Robin McKinley... It hink I have her latest YA fantasy book. I didn't know she wrote other things... going to have to check it out!

    Let me know if you enjoy Miranda Neville! LOL, I'm looking for a new historical romance author to read.

    I read Somebody Wonderful and it was quite enjoyable!! but have not been able to find Somebody to Love... Perhaps I can borrow it when I come next month :P

    Getting the new Riordan today :) Can't wait to read it... then my sister wants to read it... MY SISTER LOL.

    Let me know about Bloodshot. I'm interesting. It's trade-size right? Oh, I just realized she's the author of Boneshaker - a book I got per Renee's rec LOL.

    Enemy Games sound pretty interesting :)

    LOL, Hils, you have a lot of reading and reviewing to do! :)

  10. All those books certainly deserve a post. LOL Excellent haul - you might have even surpassed some of Nath's epic hauls. :)

    I've heard really good things about Juliet Marillier. Hope you enjoy them all!

  11. Christine, thanks for the tips on Sunshine. Every time I see that book around it calls to me for some reason... let's see... ;P

    I found The Dark Mirror and the other books (used) on the internet. I got some great prices and was quite happy to find them! I've been hunting for it (The Dark Mirror) since January, and was happy when I found the other two fantasy books as well, lol! I don't buy until I see the right price. *g*

    I'll definitely review the Marcella Burnard books and let you all know my thoughts on those!

    Nath, yes a great gift to myself! LOL! Print books bought online after much hunting... *g* I'm definitely reading Spider's Bite this month! Can't wait to read it.

    I'll let you know about Neville. I'm reading Somebody Wonderful at the moment and really enjoying it. You can definitely have Somebody to Love after I'm done reading it. *g*

    Emilie is reading the Riordan?! Whoo Hoo! I'm picking that one up soon too! Lots to read and review, indeed! All those books... now to find the time! :D

  12. Leslie, I don't know that anyone can surpass Nath's hauls, LOLOL! At least not a weekly/monthly basis. *g* She's the queen.

    I'm looking forward to reading Marillier... this book and I've heard great things about her other works. There's an author I have a feeling I'll be gloaming soon. :D

  13. LOL, well we compromised. She's going to read it after me LOL. Cos otherwise, I'll be waiting forever ^_^;

  14. LOL, well... at least she'll read it. It's a good thing. :)

  15. Good stuff on getting Somebody to Love! I've been looking for that one ever since I read Somebody Wonderful. :P


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