Friday, May 27, 2011

Dreaming of a Summer Day...with Jacquie D'Alessandro

This weekend marks the official beginning of the summer in New Jersey. The beaches open and everybody is planning on heading for the Jersey Shore this long holiday weekend. Well, not everybody. Some of us will be staying behind and yet others will be taking advantage of the beautiful warm weather by having barbecues and family get togethers. But I'm envious of those heading to the shore this weekend!

I've been reading Jacquie D'Alessandro's contemporary romance book, Summer at Seaside Cove and I can almost smell that sea salt. I want to feel the sand between my toes, take a walk on the beach and hear the waves roar in the evenings. Nick and Jamie are killing me! I wish I were at that beach in Seaside Cove romping around the waves with a dog, playing catch with a tennis ball on a beautiful day with a gorgeous dog like Nick's Godiva. Sigh... I dreamt about it last night.

It is going to be 83º F or 28º C today! It's all Jacquie D'Alessandro's fault that I just don't want to work that half day I have scheduled today and I'll be dreaming of a summer day at the beach all day long. It is perfect weather for a summer read, maybe I'll just do that later on today instead. :)

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. 83º sounds perfect to me. It's suppose to be 101º here today. So I'll either be inside or in the pool.

    Looking forward to your review on this one. Not sure if I've ever read this author before.

    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial weekend and make it to the beach. :)

  2. Awesome!! Looks like you're going to have a great, great week-end Hils!! We're getting rain :( and looks like it's going to be awfully humid :(

    As for Summer at Seaside Cover, you did a great job at selling!! I really want to read it now!! and I've been trying to be such a good girl and wait till RWA!

    Awww, his dog is named Godiva? How cute!

  3. Is the book good?
    and 83 sounds about nice, we are in the mid 90º, in the middle of the city!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm baking in my clothes, I swear.

    Anyway, the book sounds good.

  4. Leslie, you're in the desert, so I imagine that weather in the 80's would be fine summer fare to you! It feels quite hot to us, especially since we've been experiencing 50's and 60's as highs and rainy, cool, windy weather for the most part. This is a shock to our system! Let's see if I make it to the beach this weekend. :)

    I've only read historical romances by D'Alessandro. One a long time ago and a recent short story in an anthology. This contemp is new for me.

    Nath, you're getting the weather we had a couple of days ago! It's a gorgeous, hot day and it looks like it's going to be a gorgeous, hot week coming up! It's about time. LOL on my selling this book... it wasn't my intention, but I'm really enjoying this aspect of the book and wanted to share it. *g* I think it's a perfect summer read.

    And yeah... the dog's name is Godiva and he's a darling! I'm in love with that gorgeous, drooling sweetie pie. :D

    Alex, I'm enjoying the read so far. I'll let you know how it ends... about half-way through. :)

    It sounds as if we're sharing the "baking in the clothes" experience today. Phewww... but, it feels good after all the freezing, sweaters and boots. :D

  5. Hilcia :)
    It certainly made it to 83 today. At least that's the temp right now, but I bet it was a little hotter earlier in the day. The heat index certainly is higher.. but so glad to see the sun after such a wet, dreary month.

    The only D'Alessandro story I read is from the anthology we both recently read and I loved it. I may have to borrow this one from you, Hils. I'd love to try it. Plus it will encourage us to meet up soon! ;)

    My teen went to the shore this weekend with one of her best girlfriends, the girls parents (of course!) and four other girls. I even let her skip school today! OMG I never thought I'd allow my child to do that, but she's an Honors student and gets all A's and a B here and there. Plus we didn't cave to the elaborate Sweet 16 birthday bash that's so popular, so I'm making it up to her by giving her some extra indulgences. That and I'm pretty much a push over. Yep. Anyway... I'm actually jealous of my own child getting away to the beach this weekend. How sad is that?

    Have a fantastic weekend, everyone ! xo

  6. Christine, it's a gorgeous weekend and I don't blame you for being jealous. I am! And, if your daughter deserves to go, why not? It's getting to that time in life when they start begin going away with friends... not easy, my friend. :)

    I read one book by D'Alessandro a long time ago (I had to look it up because I gave it away, lol) Confessions at Midnight. I remember that for me it was an average read, so I didn't read anything else until that short in the same anthology you read (that was also an average read for me). BUT, I wanted to try out this contemporary and enjoyed it. :D

    And Christine? I've been talking to Mariana about getting together. I'm ready! Plus, I'm going to the RWA Literacy Signing and Blogger Bar Bash on June 28th... are you coming? :D

  7. This weekend marks the official beginning of the summer in New Jersey.

    Which means it's officially winter here :) It's going to be 7 degrees Celsius tonight...

    On the plus side, in about 3 weeks the days will start getting longer :)

  8. Orannia, we just got rid of winter here! I swear it's true... lol! I'm enjoying warmth and sunshine for a change. Hope those longer days come quickly for you. :)

  9. YES! I absolutely going to the RWA signing... didn't know about the book blogger bash though?! Is there an invitation to that?

  10. Ohhh, great Christine! There's no invitation needed for the Blogger Bash. It is actually scheduled for June 27 and June 28th (right after the Literacy signing) and no invitation is necessary. You can get the details from Wendy's post, she's hosting it, and Nath also posted about it. :)

  11. Thanks, Hilcia. I visited nath's blog since I left my comment here and found out to go to Wendy's blog for the details from there. I'm definitely going--meeting fellow book bloggers is more than half the reason I'm going in the first place. The other is to meet some of my favorite authors at the signing. I can't wait to meet some of our online friends in person for the first time!! :)

    Christine (on my phone... too lazy to sign in )

  12. That's great! I'm glad you got the information. I'll see you there. :)


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