Friday, July 9, 2010

Unexpected Vacation & World Cup Fever!

This week turned into an unexpected vacation. My younger brother came up from Orlando and his visit turned what was supposed to be a sedate week into a non-stop whirl full of family-related events.

Such fun! I have three brothers (no sisters) and we're all sports freaks fans! You can imagine that this week, while the temperature kept climbing, we found places to keep cool, watch sports, just talk and catch up. The best time we had? Watching the World Cup games.

We rooted like crazed fans for Uruguay while they played against Holland, only to see them go down 3 - 2. As disappointed as we all were, including our Uruguayan sister-in-law, we were happy with the Uruguayan team's performance. They played with heart and soul. Congratulations to Holland on their win. Good luck to Uruguay on Saturday's match for third place, we'll be rooting for them again.

And then Spain vs. Germany! We were rooting for Spain who won 1-0 against a team that seemed unbeatable. Now that was a party! The celebration, boasting, cheering and toasting lasted a long, long time. :D

You can imagine that I haven't had much time for reading, much less the hmm... state of mind for writing -- all that celebrating. I did manage to finish reading two books in between the visiting, the sports talks and the celebrations: Love in the Afternoon by Lisa Kleypas and Demon Blood by Meljean Brook. That was a miracle, but they were both worthy reads.

My baby brother made his way back to Orlando yesterday, and the rest of us will be watching the finals on Sunday. Spain vs. Holland. Guess who we'll be rooting for? It should be a great match! We have World Cup fever! The fact that the thermostat has been hitting 100 degree (F) and above this past week in our part of the country helps keep the fever high. The fact that our older brother is backpacking through Spain at the moment is keeping us all connected to the craziness.

Salud Noel! Have some vino for us. :D


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time! And you still managed to get in two good reads. :)

  2. Spending time with family is always a treat. Go Spain!

  3. Leslie, I had a ball! I read those two books on the sly. Couldn't wait to get to them. :)

    Firepages, it really was a treat. :) Go Spain!!

  4. Sounds like a blast! Totally rooting for Spain too.... game should be exciting. The octopus (making the predictions) seems to be really interesting too :) We need to know more about him.

  5. Ugh, I wanted Holland to win!!! Now, I own my boss some ice cream, sigh.

    Oh, what did you think of Love in the Afternoon and Demon Blood? I loved Love in the Afternoon, it was such a great book. I'm planning to start on Demon Blood soon.

    Glad you had some great time with your family :)

  6. Well, Octopus Paul was right, scary. Sounds like you had a lovely week with family :)

  7. Oh hey! Mariana, firepages --- Spain WON! YAY!

    The octopus was 100% right. I'm sure the Germans have him under guard by now, lol! Some people want to make him into an appetizer. *g*

    Nath, I'm sorry your team lost. It was a physical, defensive game. I really enjoyed BOTH Love in the Afternoon and Demon Blood! At the core, both books were about love.

    Orannia, Octopus Paul was scary! I had a wonderful week. Now I'll miss all the hoopla. :(

  8. Oh, Hils, we have had World Cup fever in my house for the last month. It's so much fun and I'm so sad we have to wait four more years to get swept up in this worldwide excitement. We are actually planning to go on a family vacation to Brazil in 2014 for the next world cup!!!

    I was rooting for Uruguay on Saturday for third place, because I had them for #3 winner in my bracket. Unfortunately, I didn't get those points, but the important thing is that I ended up beating my husband's score by 15+ points! LOLOL! Neither of us won the pool, obviously.

    We had a party at our house yesterday for the final game and interestingly, most of our guests were rooting for the Netherlands, even though no one was a devout fan of either team. It was a well played match by both NED and ESP, so the best team truly did win.

    I'm glad to hear you had a fun whirl wind visit with family. Sometimes the last minute plans always work out best.

    Hope to see you soon!

  9. Christine, that fever has been around my house this whole month too. I didn't miss one match. :)

    My chosen team was Uruguay. I was very proud of their performance. They played with such heart! Saturday's match between Germany and Uruguay was just beautiful football. Both teams were worthy... they left their hearts on that field. Diego Forlan earned the "gold ball" trophy as best World Cup player and I think it was truly deserved.

    We also celebrated yesterday. Saturday was my brother (Alex's) birthday -- so BIG party night. Then, yesterday the Finals! I'm exhausted! But, we were ALL rooting for Spain -- it was a long and arduous match -- but a happy, happy ending for us. My older brother who is in Spain right now says it's a madhouse over there.

    We do this every 4 years, lol! Can't wait for Brazil in 2014. :D I envy you that trip.



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