Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mini-Impressions: Have You Seen Her? by Karen Rose

One by one, the girls disappear from their beds at night. Each one is pretty, with long dark hair. And each one is found brutally murdered. 

Special Agent Steven Thatcher has sworn to find the serial killer preying on this small town. As the investigation pulls him one way, his family pulls him in another. A widower haunted by loss, he now worries about his son Brad slipping away. But there's a bright light in his life: his son's teacher, Jenna Marshall, has reached out to help. She's beautiful, kind, and considerate--and slowly, tentatively, she and Steven are starting to fall in love. But both have been hurt before--badly. And as the two try to find the courage to bare their souls, a murderer who has slain many looks for the real treasure he craves. He sets his traps. And waits. For Jenna...
I highly enjoyed Have You Seen Her? by Karen Rose. I'm finding that Rose integrates the suspense and romance tightly into her stories and that's something I always look for in this genre.

Steven and Jenna are a great couple. There is a lot of hot sexual tension going on between the two in the middle of all the other threads that Rose works into the story. And there's a lot going on: girls kidnapped and murdered by a serial killer, Steven's problems at home with his three boys (I loved his boys), Jenna's problems at school (she's a teacher), and of course Steve and Jenna's romantic conflicts.

I really like that although Steve and Jenna are deeply attracted to each other quickly -- and looking at the timeline they act pretty quickly on that attraction -- they take the time to step back and let the relationship grow before making a commitment.

Rose writes graphic and violent scenes and her villain in this book is a sadistic one. As in Don't Tell, I was a bit disappointed with some of the over the top drama and action at the end, but overall Have You Seen Her? is a solid romance with likable characters and great, well researched suspense.

Genre: Romance Suspense
Series: None
Release Date: September 2007
Grade: Solid B

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  1. Yay, you read another book by Karen Rose! I'm so glad you enjoyed this one as well. Sadly enough and also somewhat shocking, I know, since I'm a rabid Rose fan but I don't recall much about this book. Haha. I should re-read this book. Her stories always comfort me even despite the gruesome violence. Lol

  2. Glad you enjoyed :D I really like Karen Rose books as you know. I wish Ms Rose would revisit Steven's team, sigh.

    I liked the relationship in this one, although the case was so-so.

  3. Lovely review Hils. I'm not reading romantic suspense ATM, but I'll keep this author in mind for the future :)

  4. Tabitha, I really liked Jenna, Steven and his three sons. And I'm definitely enjoying Rose's writing, villains, violence and all. She does it well. I'll definitely read the next book. :)

    Nath, I liked the relationship in this book too, and we agree on the case. I'm enjoying the writing and I know I'll be reading the rest of her books.

    Orannia, Rose is worth reading in this genre. I'm just sorry I missed reading her books for so long. Definitely an author to keep in mind for when you're in the mood.

  5. Those graphic/violent scenes I read really fast! ;)

    You've reminded me that it's time for another Rose book. I hope to be caught up by the time her next release rolls around.

  6. Leslie, I read those scenes really fast too, lol! She writes them well... *shudder*

    Yes... I have to get that third book and get going too. I have books within this genre by other authors, but I'm really enjoying Rose. I want to keep reading her books.


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