Monday, February 22, 2010

Upcoming Releases: Contemporary Romances

I'm in a contemporary romance kind of mood lately. It seems that no matter what genre I switch to, contemporaries are what I'm craving at the moment, so it's a good thing there are plenty of them languishing on the old "to be read pile." But, you know how it is, there's always room for more!

I have a huge list of books in this category that I want to read -- books that have been recommended by other bloggers, or books that caught my attention. I've been putting this list together for a while and of course these books will be added to my pile at some point. As a matter of fact, Double Play by Jill Shalvis is my latest purchase and finally made it from my list to my "to be read" pile.

However, there are always those new releases that I can't wait to read and that never make it to the "to be read pile." Those are the ones that get read as soon as they hit my mail box. The following three contemporary romances fall under that category, I'm truly looking forward to reading them.

NAKED EDGE by Pamela Clare
What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

Someone wants the Native Americans off their sacred land. And when Navajo journalist Katherine James and park ranger Gabriel Rossiter team up to investigate why, their passion for the truth-and each other-makes them targets for those desperate enough to kill.

Releasing March 2, 2010

Staying overnight in a luxury hotel, Assistant U.S. Attorney Cameron Lynde overhears a high-profile murder involving a U.S. Senator. Special Agent Jack Pallas is assigned to the investigation-the same Jack Pallas who still blames her for nearly ruining his career three years ago. Now the pair will have to put their rocky past behind them, focus on the case at hand-and smother the flame of their sizzling-hot sexual tension.

Releasing March 2, 2010.

SAVOR THE MOMENT by Nora Roberts
Laurel McBane has always relied on her friends for support, especially when her dream of attending culinary school was almost ruined by her parents’ financial problems. Now Laurel is repaying the kindness of her friends by creating extravagantly luscious tiers of cakes and other confectionary delights that add the perfect touch to their clients’ weddings.

As for romance, Laurel believes in it — in theory. But she’s too low-key to appreciate all the luxuries that other women seem to long for. What she does appreciate is a strong, intelligent man, a man just like Parker’s older brother, Delaney Brown, on whom Laurel has had a mega crush since childhood.

But some infatuations last longer than others, and Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is still out of her reach. Plus, Del is too protective of Laurel to ever cross the line with her, or so she thinks. When Laurel’s quick- silver moods get the better of her — leading to an angry, hot, altogether mind-blowing kiss with Del — she’ll have to quiet the doubts in her mind to turn a moment of passion into forever…

Releasing April 27, 2010.  

Read excerpt here.
What about you? What upcoming contemporary romances will be read as soon as they hit your hot little hands?


  1. I have a confession. I'm still on my fantasy wave ATM, so contemporary romances aren't really on the horizon :( Sorry. Saying that, I do have Burn (Linda Howard) sitting by my bed. I know it's more romantic suspense, but it has a contemporary setting - does that count?

  2. Orannia, I've been hoping to get on that fantasy wave myself. I've so many sitting on my TBR pile gathering dust. Can't seem to kick the contemp cravings, though.

    Well, I don't know if the RS count or not, but I'm craving those too. I've three of them that I want to read right now, lol!

  3. Oh, can't wait for the Julie James either!
    Though, most of my anticipated books in March are uf or pnr for some reason.

    Like Orannia, i've been on a fantasy and uf kick, lately.

  4. I'm looking forward to NR's Savor the Moment, too! I'm determined to get first on the list at the library, too.... maybe I should ask now? LOL.

    I also put Julie James' upcoming release on my list, but I went and checked my wish list and I don't have any other Contemps on my 2010 list!!! How can that be?

    Wait... I think Kristan Higgins might have one coming in August. And when does the last Bride Quartet book come out? In 2010? I need to get my act together!

    ... or just rely on you to keep me informed. That works, too. LOL.

  5. Ohhh, ohhh, contemporary romance! My favorite :D Let see what I'm looking forward to...

    Lois Lane Tells All by Karen Hawkins
    Is Wild Ride by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer considered contemporary romance? I'm trying to be a good girl and not get the Julie James - going to wait for the RT convention... and definitively the new NR :D

  6. I'll be reading all three of those you mentioned. The only other contemp I can think of is the next Robyn Carr - Moonlight Road, out next week. But I'm behind on that series so I won't be getting it right away.

  7. Definitely the first two you mentioned. I can't wait for either of them!! Well - I guess I have to - but I'm not happy about it *g*

  8. Yeah, all three books are on my list too! I'm also waiting to read Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas in paperback release on March 2nd. I have the first two books in PB so I have been impatiently waiting for over a year for STS in PB. Lol.

  9. Renee, this is going to be my first Julie James book. I have her other books on my TBR, but THIS one really caught my interest, so it's getting read first. I'm hoping Magic Bleeds will kick up my UF/Fantasy interest. Let's see. :)

    LOL Christine, I have other contemps on my list. Maybe I'll put them all up to see if you're interested. *g* The last book in the NR Quarted "Happy Ever After" is slotted to be released November, 2010. You should love that title!

    Nath! You have some great titles there. You know I'll be checking them out. ;P You're really going to be a good girl and wait for the James?

    Leslie, I have to catch up Carr too. I'm waiting to do that before I buy more books from that series.

    KristieJ, I'm impatient too! I've been waiting for that Clare book for a loooong time. Almost here.:)

    Ohhh Tabz! I loved Jack in Smooth Talking Stranger. I can't believe you had the patience to wait this long.

  10. LOL, yes, I'll definitively be a good girl and wait for the James. I mean, I've enjoyed her books in the past, but they weren't wowzers for me, you know. She's not an author whose books I actively hunt... not yet :P

  11. I can't believe it either. This is a record for me because usually I run for the book immediately upon release. A few times I was tempted to go out and buy the first 2 books in HB (they were only $4.99 each) so that I could buy the 3rd book in HB too. haha!

  12. I am waiting breathlessly for the Nora ROberts. I love this series.

    Another contemp. (although it is a catergory) I'm on pins for is Sarah Mayberry's new one. It comes out in March. Eep!

  13. Nath: That explains it!;P

    Tabz: I would have bouth the HBs. I have no self-control, lol!

    Sayuri: I'm thinking already this might be my favorite in the NR series -- I'm getting ahead of myself, but the blurb & characters look great.

    AND, OH! Mayberry! I'll be looking for her March release, that's for sure. :)

  14. LOL, but seriously, I'm going to try to be tough :) Even on authors I love :P

  15. I am also looking forward to those three books. I have these as well on my list: SEALed with a Ring by Mary Margaret Daughtridge, Mad Bad and Blonde by Cathy Linz, and Wild Ride by Crusie and Mayer,

  16. I was right. Kristan Higgins DOES have another contemporary coming out in 2010. It's called All I Ever Wanted and is due out August 2010. I love her books, so that one is definitely on my must buy list.

  17. Nath -- stay tough.. :)

    JillD -- more new titles to check out. I have a few of the Crusie & Mayer on my TBB list, but the Daughtridge looks interesting.

    Christine! I'm glad you found the Higgins! I'm also hoping Kleypas will come out with new Contemp soon. :)


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