Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Release: Heart and Soul by Evangeline Anderson

The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson seems to be the first M/M Erotica story for a lot of readers out there. Although there are two very short sequels to that story, I'll be Hot for Christmas and Fireworks, now there's a new novella by Ms. Anderson featuring Detectives Valenti and O'Brian, Heart and Soul.  Here's the blurb. Enjoy!

The Boys are Back…

It’s been two years since tall, dark, and stoic Detective Valenti, and his partner, blond, intense O’Brian came to terms with their true feelings for each other. Going undercover at the RamJack, the most notorious gay resort in the country, tested their friendship to the limit and forged a new love between them that has grown immeasurably since.

But now O’Brian has accepted a new, dangerous undercover assignment where Valenti cannot follow. Working for James Talbert, the man who is single-handedly responsible for more illegal pornography than anyone else in the country, is bad enough. But the porn kingpin is also suspected of making gay snuff films—and his last five stars have ended up six feet under.

Valenti begs his partner not to go, but O’Brian is determined to take the assignment—and then fails to check in at the appointed time. Fearing the worst, Valenti goes undercover to rescue his partner, only to find himself caught in Talbert’s sadistic web. Now he and O’Brian will be forced to act out a madman’s darkest desires on film and hope they both survive. The ordeal will test their love and force them to bare themselves to each other in a way they never have before, both Heart and Soul.
Available here.


  1. Wow, this sounds very dark ^_^; Did you review her other novellas?

  2. Nath, I did a Mini-Impression of The Assignment. You can find it under "Reviews." :) It was my first EVER M/M erotica read and, although not the best book out there, it remains a favorite.

    I'll get this one to see what the "boys" are up to. *g*

  3. Oh, I didn't know there were two short sequels to The Assignment, nor that this was on the cards. I look forward to hearing what you think!

  4. orannia, the other two are very short shorts, but quite hot and touching. This one I'm excited about because it's a novella... yay! I'm certainly reading it. :)


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