Friday, February 5, 2010

Thai Angel by David Puterbaugh

Looking for love.

Kama looked at the note. "Well, I don't know what this word is," he said, picking up a pen. "But this is how you say hello. Sawasdee Khrap."

"Sawasdee Khrap," Sean repeated. He smiled at Kama. "Cool."

"Why the sudden interest in learning Thai? Kama asked.

Sean shrugged. "Just figured I come in here enough. Thought it'd be polite if I learned how to say hi." Page 2

Fool for Love: New Gay Fiction edited by Timothy J. Lambert and R.D. Cochrane

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  1. Sawadee Ka, Hilcia! :) Just a little note -- men ends their sentences with 'krap' and women uses 'ka'. The two words don’t mean anything, but differentiate for the gender and for courtesy.

  2. Tabitha, thank you for that note! It' always great to have the right information.

    I copied the quote directly from the book. I'll re-check my copy of the book to make sure I copied the word Sawasdee or Sawadee correctly. Khrap on the other hand I know I did, lol... because I kept trying to spell it Krap... *g* :)

  3. Hmm, I didn't even notice the extra 's' in sawadee. Lol. There should only be one 's' from the way the word is pronounced.

    I'm not Thai but from the similarity of our languages (I'm Cambodian),we do have silent 'h' in our words. But for ease of pronunciation for non-Thai speakers, I've seen 'krap' spelled without the 'h'.

  4. Oh! Thank you for the clarification Tabz. I checked the book and the quote is posted correctly. I don't know about the spelling, lol!

    That's interesting, in Spanish the "h" is also silent. :)

  5. In my defense I'll add that the spelling was verified by the real-life Kama, as well as a friend who served in the Peace Corps in Thailand. But still...



    --David Puterbaugh

  6. Sawasdee Khrap, David!

    Thanks for stopping by and clearing that out for us. Oh, and thank you for the beautiful story, it was a great beginning to the anthology. :)


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