Saturday, May 25, 2013

Week in Photos: A Few Days by the Sea

Early foggy morning on The Boardwalk. Now restored.

Saving the New Jersey Shore. Newly planted Sand Dune Grass.

Wind, sunshine, and the sea.

The Sunset.

Our hearts & prayers go out to our friends and neighbors in Oklahoma!


  1. Nice pictures Hils! Hope you had a good time :) So where did you go? Sorry, I can't recognize the place ^_^; LOL.

  2. Hey Nath! John and I had a blast... we are very relaxed and that's what we needed. ;P That's the Jersey Shore. I chose pictures from the Atlantic City boardwalk because those are the ones I liked best. I have some from Cape May, but they are not as good. :(

  3. Hi Hils,
    So glad you and John got away. I know you SO needed that. xo

    1. Oh, we did, Christine! We are already planning another quick little trip down... soon. It's a quick getaway, but we can get back home if needed. You know how that works, right?



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