Tuesday, December 7, 2010

News and more December 2010 New Releases!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I have some personal news for you today. I started a new job this week and I'm excited! As with all changes, I'll need to make some adjustments to my routine. However, even if I slow down a bit during this first month with my new job, I will continue to read and share my impressions with you.

Today, I want to share three December releases I did not include in my original list of "must reads" for the month. Three books by very different authors in different genres:
  • On the LGBT front, I'll definitely be reading Binding the God: Ursine Essays from the Mountain South by Jeff Mann. I've only read one short story by this author and loved it. I'm not passing up this collection of essays.
  • All She Wrote: Holmes and Moriarity by Josh Lanyon (Book 2). I loved the characters and the first book of this M/M mystery romance series and can't wait to continue reading it. The mysteries and fun!
  • Wedding of the Season by Laura Lee Guhrke is a historical romance and first in the Abandoned at the Altar series. This series attracted my attention and I'm hoping it will be a winner for me.

Binding the God: Ursine Essays from the Mountain South by Jeff Mann
Release Date: December 6, 2010
A much lauded essayist and poet, Jeff Mann writes of the passion and pain of being a Southern gentleman who happens to be invested in many worlds: the hungers of gay Bear culture; the propensities of leather and bondage; the frustrations of academia; and the perspectives of an Appalachian who has traveled the world. In Binding the God, his second collection of essays, Mann offers readers another tour of his consciousness and experiences. This volume includes essays previously published in Arts and Letters, Second Person Queer, Callaloo, Now and Then, White Crane, Queer and Catholic, and other journals and anthologies.

All She Wrote: Holmes and Moriarity, Book 2 by Josh Lanyon
Release Date: December 28, 2010
A murderous fall down icy stairs is nearly the death of Anna Hitchcock, the much-beloved “American Agatha Christie” and Christopher Holmes’s former mentor. Anna’s plea for him to host her annual winter writing retreat touches all Kit’s sore spots—traveling, teaching writing classes, and separation from his new lover, J.X. Moriarity.

For J.X., Kit’s cancellation of yet another romantic weekend is the death knell of a relationship that has been limping along for months. But that’s just as well, right? Kit isn’t ready for anything serious and besides, Kit owes Anna far too much to refuse.

Faster than you can say “Miss Marple wears boxer shorts”, Kit is snooping around Anna’s elegant, snowbound mansion in the Berkshires for clues as to who’s trying to kill her. A tough task with six amateur sleuths underfoot. Six budding writers with a tangled web of dark undercurrents running among them. Slowly, Kit gets the uneasy feeling that the secret may lie between the pages of someone’s fictional past. Unfortunately, a clever killer is one step ahead. And it may be too late for J.X. to ride to the rescue.

Warning: Contains one irascible, forty-year-old mystery writer who desperately needs to get laid, one exasperated thirty-something ex-cop only too happy to oblige, an isolated country manor that needs the thermostat cranked up, various assorted aspiring and perspiring authors, and a merciless killer who may have read one too many mystery novels.

Wedding of the Season: Abandoned at the Altar by Laura Lee Guhrke (Book 1)
Release Date: December 28, 2010
Abandoned at the altar . . .
Lady Beatrix Danbury had always known she would marry William Mallory. She'd loved him forever and she'd never doubted he loved her, too. But when she made him choose between their life together or his lifelong dream, Will chose the latter . . . and left two weeks before their wedding.

Return of the duke . . .
Will has no illusions that Beatrix would welcome him back with open arms, but six years did not dim his love or desire for her. The only problem is, she's about to marry someone else. Someone safe and predictable . . . the complete opposite of Will. But can he stop the wedding of the season and win Beatrix back, or is it just too late?


  1. Hey, good luck with the new job!

    I'm looking forward to the new Holmes and Moriarity book too, although I probably won't have time to read it until after the New Year. [heavy, theatrical sigh] Where's that thirty-hour day I keep requesting...? :P


  2. Congratulations and all the best to you with your new job!!!! That's exciting!! :D

    The Laura Lee Guhrke book sounds like so much fun! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on it.

    I went into the city yesterday and drove past your neighborhood on my way in and out. I gave a mental wave and hello to you ... did you get my telepathic greetings? ;)

  3. Congrats on the new job! I hope things go well with you at this new place!

    I read one other book by Guhrke and it was only okay so if you review the book you read I might try the author again. :D

    Take it easy there!

  4. Angie, thank you! I can't wait to read that book! Sounds like Christopher got into another pickle, lol. I know what you mean about those extra days... this month is flying and I'm just not finding the time. :(

    Christine, thanks! I felt your wave, I did... lol! I've been thinking of you and the NJ ladies lately. Will definitely let you all know about the Guhrke historical. :)

    Thank you Victoria! And congratulations on your latest release. :)

    Tabitha, thank you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will go well. RE: Guhrke, I'll definitely let you know. I've also read only a couple of books by this author and that was a while back. We will see. :)

  5. Yeah for the new job! How exciting - here's hoping you have some wonderful co-workers. :)

    Count me in for the historical. I have a bunch of her books on the tbr pile but haven't read any yet.

  6. Congrats on the new job! I hope you love it!

    I like Guhrke. Will likely get to that one eventually. But will more likely read the Lanyon first.

  7. Woohoo, great news about the job :) So happy for you and hopefully, the job will be fun and awesome. LOL, one can always hope, right? :P

    I'm definitively getting the Guhrke book and I have high hopes for it :) I just love her as an author, although similarly to Lorraine Heath, I feel her last few releases have been a bit of a let-down. So crossing my fingers :)

  8. Thank you for your great wishes, ladies!

    It sounds as if the Guhrke is going on everyone's list this month. The series just sounds really good, the second book sounds even better. :)

    Lori, I'll probably read the Lanyon first too. LOL!

  9. I'm dying for Wedding of the Year! I love the period and I love LLG

  10. Hi AnimeGirl! I'm really looking forward to this book too. The whole series sounds great.

  11. Congrats on the new job. I hope you enjoy the Mann book!

  12. Congrats on the new job. I hope you enjoy the Mann book!

  13. Thank you Steve! I know I'll enjoy the Mann book, I'm truly looking forward to reading it. It's there, waiting for me already. :)


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