Saturday, June 13, 2009

...on Books, Disappointments and Decisions

So, what do you do when you've been waiting for a book to release for a whole year and then when it finally arrives, it's a disappointment? What do you do when you read two of those the same week? It happened to me this last week. Both highly anticipated books in the Paranormal Romance genre--both quite disappointing to me personally. 

I try not to read books within the same genre together but don't always succeed. This time, I read other genres in between. It didn't help... I was not comparing the two--there was no comparison, really. But, both had disappointing heroines and plot holes I could not ignore--at least that was my conclusion. Now, my question is: do I continue reading these two series? 

One series is so inconsistent for me, I never know from one book to the next weather I'll like, love or hate the book. This was the sixth book in the series, so it's pretty advanced already. Hmm.... time to let it go? 

In the other series, this is the first disappointment. I enjoyed the first two books in the series, but didn't love them, just liked them. This is a favorite author but not a favorite series.

I find it easy to let go of a series if I have two disappointments in a row but the type of inconsistency I'm encountering with the first series, and the "okay but not great" quality in the second are making it tough for me to make a decision.

So many books, so little time... do I continue with these books that are so-so reads? Or do I move on to something new? Decisions, decisions. 

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