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July 2009 M/M Releases

July is coming and there are some great upcoming releases for Romance reading lovers. I know I'm personally looking forward to quite a few new reads within the different genres. However, there's nothing like a hot, humid July day and a hot, steamy M/M romance read. 

There are quite a few new releases coming out, but I thought I would highlight a few for you. I'm personally looking forward to both Death and Life and Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by T.A. Chase, ePistols at Dawn by Z. A. Maxfield and Conventional Wisdom, a Novella by T.C. Blue. Jet Mykles continues her ever popular Heaven Sent series with Revelations, a series I'm determined to start reading after I conclude the M/M Romance Reading Challenge. So, here are some hot reads for a hot month!

July 6 Death and Life by T. A. Chase

Noah Wiltson wants nothing more than to be left alone. His father's candidacy for Presidency forces him to have secrets. Imagine his surprise when a hired killer gives him the means to live his life without doubt or fear

The killer knows this hit is going to be his last. Whether he chooses to walk away or whether they kill him. He's never been a team player, so he ends the game on his terms.

A few months later, Noah meets Cain Packert, a man who intrigues and excites him. Only one of them knows the 
truth. Can they find love amid secrets and threats?

July 7 ePistols at Dawn by Z.A. Maxfield

Jae-sun Fields is pissed. Someone has taken the seminal coming-out, coming-of-age novel Doorways and satirized it. He's determined to use his Internet skills and his job as a reporter for the tabloid The Adversary to out the author as the fraud and no-talent hack he's sure she is.

Kelly McKay lost a bet and wrote a satire of his own novel Doorways, which as far as he can see is his own damned prerogative. He likes his anonymity and except for Will, his houseboy, factotum and all-around slut, he craves solitude. There's also that crippling case of OCD that makes it virtually impossible for him to leave the house...

Jae is always several steps ahead in their due for information. He's determined to find Kelly, but Kelly has no intention of being found. A chance meeting pushes the stakes that much higher because their magnetic mutual attraction can't be denied.

Kelly wants Jae. Jae wants Kelly. But there's Doorways to deal with, Kelly's OCD, and Jae's job as a professional stalker. So when they meet, it gets complicated...
July 8 Another Dream by Addison Albright

July 12 The Mask He Wears by Fae Sutherland and Margueritte Labbe

July 12 No One But You by KC Kendricks

July 19 Double Standard by J.M. Snyder

July 25 Conventional Wisdom by T. C. Blue

July 26 Nowhere Diner: Finding Love by T.A. Chase

July 28 Heaven Sent - Revelations by Jet Mykles (m/m/f)

(Blurb from Author's Site subject to change)

For years, Gretchen's main objective has been taking care of the boys of Heaven Sent. When her boys decide to take a year-long hiatus, she decides to do the same. Before she can begin her summer off, Gretchen has one last public commitment. There, she meets tall, mysterious, and wickedly handsome Archer Thanos. Archer's company has a video game based on Heaven Sent and he has been trying to get in touch with her to discuss it. Their first meeting quickly turns into a discussion of another type... in a nearby hotel room, sending Gretchen headlong into a whirlwind summer affair she hadn't anticipated.

Only, someone isn't exactly thrilled about Gretchen and Archer's romance. Gretchen's adorable new assistant, Owen, has been pining for his boss since he started working for her but he hasn't had the courage to assert himself and tell her he wants her. The result, Gretchen is completely blind to his feelings for her. To make matters worse, after meeting Archer, Owen knows he has no chance against the handsome devil. His own attraction to the older man is instant and overwhelming, the bisexual urges he hasn't divulged to Gretchen fully awakening.

Owen thinks he's not enough for Gretchen. Gretchen thinks Owen is far too young for her. Archer thinks they're both ridiculous. He knows the three of them are just right for each other, if they can survive the miscommunication and trials ahead.


  1. I want them all. Is that wrong and book sluttish? It is? Well ok. I still want them all! lol

  2. LOL, Tracy, that makes two of us! It's tough highlighting only a few, but this is a good list for the month.

  3. wow, you seem to be such an expert at this :D. I am just starting and I have read like 3 books from this genre..but the one I really loved so far is Crossing Borders from Z.A.Maxfield, St.Nacho's is also pretty good..this writer is really good..but I can't seem to find something like this.Is it just me or the most of the books are about sex and there is no deep development? I mean, sex is not bad, Crossing Borders has such sexy scenes! but there is actually something deeper to them. So I wonder if you know about those kind of books (in this genre of course)

  4. Hi Queen! Thanks for stopping by.

    If you're just starting to read M/M then you'll need to know that there are differences within the books, but yes there's almost always lots of sex involved, lol!
    There's Gay Lit -- Raw and raunchy
    M/M Erotica -- where there's romance with lots of sex.
    M/M Romance - where's there's a romance that develops and either a happy ending or a happily for now ending.
    And there are other subgenres -- BDSM, etc...

    I read ePistols and can tell you that it's in keeping with Z.A.'s style. Her characters in this book are pretty well developed. Romance, plus the book has a very interesting perspective on the internet.

    I can recommend that you look up the author Chris Owen - Bareback is one of my favorites, plus she has more. M/M Romance Novel.

    There are some full length novels that can and are very well developed. Ginn Hale's Wicked Gentlemen is a great example of a Victorian/Historical Fantasy M/M book. Great world building, homoerotic (more than erotica), wonderful characterization. So there are good ones, LOL!

    Hope that helped! :)


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