Thursday, September 29, 2011

Review: Supernatural with Larissa Ione, Alexandra Ivy, Jacquelyn Frank, G.A. Aiken

Supernatural is a paranormal romance collection comprised of four stories written by well-known writers. Each story is connected to worlds they've created, where characters from those worlds find their happily ever afters.

In Larissa Ione's Vampire Fight Club (Lord of Deliverance, #1.5), Nurse Vladlena's and the sexy vampire Nathan's tale proves that sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot! This story stands well on its own for those who have not read this series, but it has some interesting tidbits for those who have. Shifters, sexy vamps, demons and plenty of action.

Alexandra Ivy's "Darkness Eternal" (Guardians of Eternity series) is also on the hot side with magic and vamps mixed together. In this novella witch Kata and vampire Uriel find paradise in hell. There is a bit too much of the sexin' going on while this couple is in dire danger, but I do think that the way their plight is resolved is quite creative.

With Kane ( Nightwalkers, # 5.5) by Jacqueline Frank we get more hotness, but this time with lots titillation and revved up sexual tension. Kane knows Corrine is meant for him, but to a demon she's an untouchable human. When he breaks the rules, punishment might just be worth it. I enjoyed the world building in this story, and although I think character development is somewhat short changed in this novella, the characters are both likable and interesting.

Last in the anthology, and easily my favorite story, is "Dragon on Top"(Dragon Kin, # 4.5) by G.A. Aiken. I loved the romance between "kickass" dragoness Ghleanna the Decimator and beta, slightly forgetful Bram the royal. Bram's crushing on Ghleanna from afar is really sweet, but once they get going he's also one of the hottest heroes in this anthology. This is the story with the most involved plot and best character development of the four, as well as the most entertaining with great dialog and secondary characters.

Some of the stories were more enjoyable for me than others, however as a whole all four of them fit quite well into this anthology. Overall Supernatural is a good, sexy collection involving four interesting and very different worlds, hot couples and quick, happily ever afters achieved in that paranormal romance style readers love.

Category: Paranormal Romance
Series: None
Publisher/Release Date: Zebra/August 30, 2011
Source: Kensington Publishing
Grade: B


  1. Hilcia, I'm so glad you enjoyed the anthology. I have it too and will get to it soon, or at least, the stories I've caught up to yet.
    I love GA Aiken's dragon books, they're amazing.


  2. did you read Ms Aiken's books? I keep hearing good things about them... Really should give this a try.

  3. S. I hope you enjoy it. I've read Larissa Ione's books, but the other three others are new-to-me. This was a great way to get to know them and to check out the different series. Of those, G.A. Aiken's story was definitely my favorite, and I will probably check out that series! That story was such fun... I loved the whole world, the dialog was a hoot and the main characters were great. :) Enjoy!

    Nath, as I said in my comment to S. this is my first shot as Ms. Aiken's books and I really enjoyed it! It was a great surprise and I'll probably try the series.

  4. Well, I've read all the dragon books and I can say they're my favourites in the genre! The last two books focus a bit more on all the subplots but I think it makes the books more alive, more "full". And it has romance too. These days, I can say this is my favourite dragon series out there! I loved, loved, loved the last book, released in september. :D

  5. That's great that you didn't need to read the series to enjoy the stories.

    Aiken's is another author I've been meaning to try but time is so short. It sounds like the series is worth making time for. :)

  6. Sonia, thank you so much for the insight into the Aiken books! I have the first book in my TBR already! Yay! I haven't read many books (only novellas) about dragons so this is going to be interesting. :D

    Leslie, the Ione novella was quite enjoyable, and even though I understood the world, it kind of stood great on its own. The other ones all seem to do a great job of explaining the world building but focus on the couples. The one with the most interaction (with other characters) is the Aiken, but it's also the best developed. Quite good. I'm definitely trying the Aiken series based on this novella. :D


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