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July 2010 Reads + Two Minis

Was July the longest month of the year so far or is it me? Maybe the torturous heat, haze and humidity that came along with the sunshine had something to do with it. I had lots of distractions this month, after all it is summer and even with the over-the-top heat, there were gatherings and events to attend. Nice! As a result of all the activity, I've been reading -- indoors and outdoors -- but I'm still behind on my reviews. I think the sun fried my reviewing mojo! Or at least slowed it down, lol.

July was a great reading month for me quality-wise. I read 6 new releases this month and I'm happy to report none of them were huge disappointments, in fact they were all enjoyable. Here's my summary of reads for the month:

Total books read in July: 15  (Click here to see full list of books read & grades)

My favorite reads of the month?
I really liked this book! A book with tons of head hopping going on... back and forth... that I didn't seem to mind, why? Well, Jake and Brandon are great characters and theirs is a wonderful story, it's that simple. Jake's the high school P.E. teacher, baseball and football coach and Brandon is the science teacher. They went to high school together and one was the jock and the other the nerd, so there's a history there. I love the way Jake and Brandon get together -- neither is what you would expect. Urban and Roux did not give this couple "magic gaydar" so the friendship and attraction develops before the hotness begins. Both characters are likable, although Jake is definitely a favorite with me. This is an M/M book that, although flawed, is already a favorite and will go on my list of comfort reads. Great story and characters, both central and secondary -- added bonus, baseball! Thanks to Tracy, Mariana and AA for recommending it. ;P  
My biggest disappointment?
  • Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville: B-
I had high expectations for this book, and in my opinion that can be a recipe for disaster. In this case, I found Zero at the Bone had many good qualities to recommend it and not all my expectations were dashed -- good action, love, angst galore and good character development -- so it wasn't a great disaster, but still... a disappointment. The uneven/choppy pacing that yanked me out of the story more than once, a character whose personality got on my nerves the more I read the book, and an ending that was not only never-ending, but that seemed out of place, awkward and ambivalent, frustrated me to no end. Endings can make or break a book for me, and unfortunately this ending spoiled a lot of what I did enjoy.
Anezthezea's 2010 M/M Romance Challenge 

What about you? How did your reading month go? Any favorites?


  1. You're welcome on Caught Running... it's too bad you didn't enjoy Zero at the Bone. I loved it! Loved those characters a lot.

    If you haven't already, you should read the other Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux collaborations, they're just as fantastic.

    I have The Search (NRoberts) I think I'll read next... although, I do want to read the Ilona Andrews novella in the new anthology.

    My favorites for July: Life After Joe by Harper Fox and Making Promises by Amy Lane... both very emotional books. It was just that type of month ;)

  2. LOL, I'm with you for both Demon Blood and Love in the Afternoon... and I'm way behind on my reviews as well. Sigh.

    July wasn't too bad... it went by quickly in my opinion... although yes, it was hoooot.

  3. Hmmm. Interesting. I have both Caught Running and Zero at the Bone on my TBR list. Will probably read the former first, but after Inland Empire *grin*

  4. Mariana, Caught Running was just lovely! I enjoyed those characters and that story from beginning to end. I have other Urban/Roux books in my TBR and I'm definitely reading those. :) As far as ZatB goes? Well... I know I'm in the minority. I really wanted to love that book and it was very good, it just wasn't a wowzer for me. I'm glad you loved it!

    I read The Search and liked it! I'd like to hear what you think of it. It's a long book, lol! I'm also looking forward to the anthology and Nalini's and Ilona's shorts.

    Nath, yeah! What a month! Heat, good books and a fried brain, lol! What a combination... ;P

    Orannia, I hope you enjoy both those reads... I have a feeling you'll love both of them. Oh and I have Inland Empire in my TBR and can't WAIT to read it too! Loved Nicky and Brandon. *g*

  5. Sorry about Zero - agree about endings. Things can be going so well and then you're given that WTF ending. Can totally ruin a book.

    I had some good reads, a YA that was different and a Megan Hart that I loved. Overall a good month - it went by fast for me. :)

  6. Forgot to say... did you check out the web stories Jane Seville has on her webpage? There are 3 very short stories for "after" Zero.

  7. Leslie I still have to read a Megan Heart book. I've heard such great things about her work, I should give her a try. :)

    Mariana, I didn't check it out, I should! Thanks. :D

  8. I'm so glad you enjoyed Meljean's book and the Lisa Kleypas one. Those are probably the two from your entire list that I'll be reading. Oh... and of course, the Harry Potter book. I can't believe you did a re-read of it... still read 15 books in July... and I can't even crank it out once for my Big Book Challenge. *sulks* LOL!

    p.s. I have a few Megan Hart books that I can lend you the next time we meet, if you like. )

  9. Christine, you have to excellent reads ahead of you -- well, two of my favorite July reads. :) And, lol! Can you believe I re-read that HP book? That NOT planned! Don't feel bad... I haven't even opened my book for the Big Book Challenge yet, and here I am re-reading HP! *g*

    Oh... we'll talk about Megan Hart. :D

  10. So glad you liked Caught Running! And how sad to hear your disappointments with Zero. I have it but haven't read it yet. Soon!

  11. Tracy I did enjoy Caught Running. :) I think you might enjoy ZatB, I'd like to read your review on that book. :)


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