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Review: Cowgirl Up and Ride by Lorelei James

"So, AJ you weren't pullin my leg last night?" She shook her head.

"You up for some fun and games?" Her mouth was so dry she just nodded. "Flattered as I am. Why me? You gotta know any one of the young guys in here would kill to have a shot at you."

AJ broke eye contact and scraped at the label on her beer bottle. Shoot. How was she supposed to answer that without giving herself away? Cord's rough hand curled over her wrist and he idly stroked her knuckles. Her stomach jumped again. She glanced up, overwhelmed by the lust in his eyes.

"Jesus. You have the sexiest mouth I've ever seen. I can't think beyond tastin that mole by the corner of your lips. Runnin my tongue over it. Kissin every inch of it on the way back to kissin every inch of your mouth."

Warning. Don't let him sweet-talk you until you get a chance to speak your piece. She blurted, "Do you wanna dance?"

"Not to this."

"Why not?"

"Because the first time I put my hands on you, I want you close. Real close. Close as we can get with our clothes on without getting kicked out for lewd behavior." The silence between them grew. AJ felt her confidence slipping. This was not the way she'd envisioned her night of seduction. Then take charge. She finished the beer and hopped off the barstool.

"I want your hands on me now, Cord."

Cowgirl Up and Ride is the story of Cord McKade and Amy Jo. AJ has been in love with Cord forever (since she was 5 years old, so she says), but he's 13 years older and sees her as too young -- I mean she used to be his son's babysitter for goodness sakes! Now she's 23 and decides it's time to go after what she wants, time to get noticed. Shy, wholesome AJ is no more. Cord is divorced and the single father of a little boy. He has become a bitter and lonely cowboy who doesn't have much to do with women. It's all his ex-wife's fault. She up and left him after their son was born for Seattle because she couldn't make it as a ranch wife in Wyoming. Now all he cares about is raising his son and running his family's ranch.

This book was quite good and actually a personal favorite in this series so far. I liked that unlike most of the other installments I've read, this was a one-on-one erotic romance. The main characters have known each other all their lives and although we know some of their back story from previous installments, they are further developed in this book. Even through all the enjoyable sexual encounters, the "rosy cheeks" and the cowboy/cowgirl rope games, AJ and Cord manage to have personal conversations and get to know each other.

The secondary characters who take part in Cowgirl Up and Ride, other MaKade's, are also developed and they contribute to this story -- they were not just thrown in there. We can also see the beginning of their individual stories taking shape, but don't take away from Cord and AJ as central characters.

However, this is Lorelei James and this IS an erotic romance, so I must tell you I found the erotic part of the book just as hot as in the other books -- I happen to like her style. Her tendency for light domination scenes is there, as is the inevitable menage, although in this case AJ and Cord are not involved.

Cowgirl Up and Ride managed to be both erotic and touching in some ways, plus peripherally it dealt with some serious subjects such as alcoholism, homosexuality, homophobia and the sad consequences. In its entirety, this book was definitely an enjoyable ride for me. (M/F, M/F/M)

Rough Rider Series by Lorelei James:
Long Hard Ride, #1
Rode Hard, Put Up Wet #2
Cowgirl Up and Ride #3
Tied Up, Tied Down #4
Rough, Raw and Ready #5
Branded as Trouble #6
Shoulda Been a Cowboy #7
All Jacked Up #8

You can visit the author & read excerpts for her books here.


  1. I've heard of Lorelei James and her Rough Riders series for awhile now but haven't tried it because I'm not into reading about menages that involves the main h/h. But now I'm curious -- what do you mean, AJ and Cord are not involved but there is a menage? Is the menage involving Cord with others or AJ with others?

  2. Hi Tabz. To answer your question, the menages that take place in this book include the secondary characters only -- somewhere else. AJ and Cord are not involved at all. The two of them keep it to one-on-one rough ridin.;P

  3. Really nice review Hils - the story sounds very balanced between the erotic and the plot. Not like some where the plot becomes an after-thought to the sex.

    I've been wanting to try this series, pretty sure I've got a few of the books around here somewhere. :) With 8 books so far I should get going on it. :D

  4. Sweet, thanks. I'll be adding this book to my TBB list now!

  5. Oh, cool! I love that the book is dealing with more substantive issues...and is hot.

    Hmmm. Maybe Miss Doreen has to check this one out.

  6. Thanks, Leslie. The story does have more of a plot than a lot of erotic romances, but don't be fooled the sex takes plenty of space in this book, lol! I do like that we get to know the H/h and that there are other issues developed in the book.

    Enjoy, Tabz!

    CJ: Ooooh, I hope Ms. Doreen gets a hold of this one. That should be fun, lol!


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