Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Looking back on 2009

2009 was a busy year for me and brought many unexpected surprises. For one, I began blogging and reviewing, something I did not plan to do or even thought I would enjoy until Brie invited me to join her as a review partner at Musings of a Bibliophile -- one of my favorite blogs to visit. I always enjoyed reading Brie's insightful and thorough reviews and was both happy and honored when she asked me to join her. I admit to being quite the "nervous Nelly" when I began reviewing at Musings, but was lucky to have Brie to provide support. Brie took a chance on me and I truly appreciate that she took that risk. Thanks Brie, for everything!

Impressions...? Hmm... I didn't really plan on Impressions...! That was a total accident, lol! I won't go into details of how that happened (no, I won't), but once the blog was there, I decided to use it as a personal tool. My latest reads, my current reads, upcoming reads, my favorite blogs, impressions, troubled thoughts and announcements for upcoming reviews, that's how I used this blog in the beginning. I even used it as a place where I could practice how to use and experiment with good old html.;P

I didn't post reviews on this site for a long time and was shocked when someone posted a comment the first time. My vague plan at that time was to use it as a sort of "journal" -- just me and the blank page, short thoughts on what I was reading (impressions), not reviewing or grading books. I thought to include short thoughts on all the different types of books I read -- literature, Spanish/Latin American literature, best sellers, in other words other genres as well as romance, fantasy, sci-fi, erotica and/or M/M.

During the year however, between May and December, Impressions... evolved. My lovely review partner Brie went on hiatus at Musings, and I had to make some decisions once I began posting my reviews here. First, I decided to redesign the blog and I'm happy with the new look, although there are still things I would like change in regards to set up. I also decided to experiment the rest of 2009. The blog has become a mish mash of different things. You'll find full reviews, mini reviews, mini impressions, thoughts, and well... a few blog posts here and there.

I never graded reviews at Impressions..., but I did at Musings, so you'll find that I graded my reviews at the end of the month when I posted my summary. I decided to continue not grading reviews, at least until the end of 2009 and then make a decision about it at the end of the year. It has become a bit confusing, even for me. It makes sense and it doesn't. *g*

After all the experimentation, I've made some decisions regarding this blog for 2010, I actually have somewhat of a plan, lol! Next week, I'll be posting those decisions and hope to make things clearer and easier for myself and for you.;P

I would like to end this post by thanking the readers and bloggers who have been so supportive in all kinds of ways (some of you on a personal level), and for being so patient while I learned and experimented with my blog throughout 2009.


  1. What a nice post, Hilcia. I'm glad you started posting here at Impressions. I remember when I'd see your comments around here and there, I used to click on your profile looking for your own blog and the page always came up blank. I was so happy when you finally started posting.

    I find blogging is an ever changing experience for the blogger, with lots of opportunities for personal growth and improvement on your ability to express yourself and let your personality show through, you know? It's only natural to reflect on the whole process now and then like you've done recently. I look forward to the unveiling of your big 'plan' for 2010! =)

  2. LOL, whatever you do is going to be fine with me, as long as you keep blogging :) See, I'm easy to please! :D

    If you're not going to be a professional blogger, then a mish mash is the best kind blog in my opinion. Why put restriction on yourself?

    Can't wait to see your plans for next year :D

  3. I agree with Nath. Do whatever you want to, and your blog is definitely evolving in a great way. How could it not, your being a Keith Partridge appreciator and all? Congrats on all the changes this year.
    Yum those look like good candies!

  4. Thank you Christine, I'm very happy I finally began posting too(lol about that blank page). I appreciate your insight and agree about the personality coming through after a while -- feeling comfortable had a lot to do with it for me. :)

    Hmm.. the plan? the clue on that one is that it's "somewhat of a plan" -- not a big one. ;P

    Nath, thank you... far from a professional blogger here, so yes mish mash seems to suit me & I'm glad you like it that way. I'll be here. ;D

    And thank you, CJ, my KP pal! I'm glad you liked the candies and enjoyed my experiments. :)

  5. I love getting insight into the development of Impressions!
    I like the relaxed, and welcoming feel of your blog. :-)
    Looking forward to what will come in 2010!

  6. What Nath said. I like coming by Impressions and don't plan on stopping anytime soon so you will have to stick around! Lol. I have really enjoyed your reviews - sincere, insightful, and very bad on my pockets because I end up adding like 2/3 of your reads to my TBB list! haha. I can't wait to hear your news!

  7. I like the eclectic feel that Impressions has with the variety of books you read and blog about there’s something for everyone. Keep doing what your doing Hils!

  8. Hilcia I thought you'd been blogging forever! I guess I just found you at the right moment. :)

    I love your blog...even though I don't get to it too often. But that's all the blogs! lol

    Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see what your decisions for 2010 are. :)

  9. Renee, Tabz, Leslie, Tracy: Thank you all for the input and encouragement. It has been a wonderful year and I've enjoyed every moment of it discussing and sharing one of my biggest passions.

    You all deserve a candy, pick your favorite. ;D


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