Saturday, December 14, 2013

Joining: 2014 TBR Challenge

The 2014 TBR Challenge hosted by Wendy from The Misadventures Of Super Librarian is one of my all time favorite challenges around. It makes me take a second and a third look at books I've purchased and that have been lingering in my shelves and Kindle for way too long!

I've joined this Challenge for the past two years and can tell you that just by looking for that one book to read and review for my monthly post, I've been able to cull books from that big pile permanently. But more importantly, I have found hidden treasures.

The rules are very loose and simple. You can check them out  (here), and if you like, join us.

This is a really fun challenge in which you can choose your own book, or one that fits Wendy's suggestion for the month. Following is the schedule for 2014:

January 15 - We Love Short Shorts! (Short stories, Novellas, category romance)
February 19 - Series Catch-Up (pick a book from a series you're behind on)
March 19 - New-To-You Author (an author you've never read before)
April 16 - Contemporary romance
May 21 - More Than One (An author who has more than one book in your TBR pile)
June 18 - Romance Classics (classic book, classic author, classic trope/theme etc.)
July 16 - Lovely RITA (past RITA winners or nominees)
August 20 - Luscious Love Scenes (erotic romance, erotica, a "sensual" read - leave those "just kisses" books alone this month!)
September 17 - Recommended read (a book recommended to you by someone)
October 15 - Paranormal or romantic suspense
November 19 - Historical romance
December 17 - Holiday themes (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, it's all good!)

A big thanks to Wendy for hosting the TBR Challenge again!


  1. This is such a good idea.

    1. It's a fantastic idea, 'Nathan. This was finally a great way for me to realize that DNF happens! That there are books out there that are "not for me." I used to try to read them all, keep them all.

      But you know how it is, I've found some fantastic books in my immense mountain of ebooks and print books! This year I finally read Sean Meriwether's The Silent Hustler, and Marshall Thornton's entire Boystown (Nick Nowack) mystery series. What was I waiting for? Those are just two authors in the LGBT category… but I found more and there are more buried in there too. So, one book (one TBR Challenge) at a time. :)

  2. I tried to do this during this year but it kind of never paned out, but I shall try again this year!!
    Good luck

    1. Thank you, Alex.

      You know? Give it a shot again… you'll never know what great books you have around if you don't try? The challenge is great because there's no pressure and you can read whatever you want. :D Good luck to you!

  3. Thanks for pimpin' out the challenge Hils! I'm determined to get better with my DNF'ing this year. Wouldn't it be great to read nothing but B/A graded reads for the TBR Challenge?

    1. Hey Wendy, Merry Christmas! It would be awesome to just review A/B TBR reads only, but yeah… I hate to, but may have to begin putting up a few DNF posts too… you wouldn't believe the amount of time I spend on those 100 pages and most of the time more (per book) before I finally give up. I don't count those at all during the year either… but, I've culled a lot of books from my TBR this past year!

      I still see it as a positive. I get rid of books from my TBR that I wouldn't have read. ;P


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