Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mini: Under Her Uniform by Victoria Janssen

Isobel Hailey has disguised herself as a man so she can fight in the British Army in World War I. Only a few people know the truth, including her two officer lovers--so why can’t she stop thinking about handsome Corporal Andrew Southey instead? Hailey has to keep her wits about her and her erotic fantasies hidden so she doesn’t blow her cover. But when she and Southey find themselves working closely on a mission, their attraction--and the truth--is impossible to deny.
Under Her Uniform by Victoria Janssen is a Spice Brief, so this is a short erotic read. The characters in this story were originally introduced in The Moonlight Mistress and the setting is the same, the French battlefields during World War I, however this is a different read. I would say that is due to length.

I really enjoyed The Moonlight Mistress, so I read this novella as soon as it released. As a secondary character, I loved Isobel/Bob in that story. I found the scenes between her and her two male lovers very erotic, however I also found Isobel and her successful masquerade as a man, intriguing. I wanted to know more about her.

Under Her Uniform works as an erotic short, and it does give depth to Isobel's character. I enjoyed her brief war adventure, as well as her sexual escapades. Janssen features a dangerous mission, plus a great threesome and later hot scenes between the main characters Southey and Hailey. I love that beside the passion, there's always a sense of connection and tenderness between the characters during these scenes.

I think this novella can be read on its own and can serve as a small sample of Janssen's historical/erotic world. However, in my opinion this Spice Brief works best as a companion to The Moonlight Mistress. If you read this novella, you will want to read that book to know more about the characters, and vice versa. Read both and you'll be satisfied. Grade B-

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The Moonlight Mistress, Book #1
Under Her Uniform, Book #1.5


  1. I want to read this one just for the time period. Lucky me, the library has both this and The Moonlight Mistress in ebook. :)

    1. Leslie, Janssen works really well with this time period (she certainly did her research and it shows). I really loved that aspect of The Moonlight Mistress (it's what I remember the most about it). This one maintains the atmosphere, but the focus is on the character and the erotic spicy scounters. I enjoyed both for what they are. :)


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