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Review: Naked Angel (Club Burlesque) by Logan Belle

Naked Angel is the third book in Logan Belle's Club Burlesque trilogy. I did not read the first book of the series Blue Angel, but got hooked on this sexy erotic romance trilogy after reading the second book, Fallen Angel. However, I do not recommend that this book be read as a stand alone.

Earlier, Wendy very aptly described this series as a soap opera and she hit the nail on the head. That's exactly what this series is, an erotic soap opera where the characters are either jumping in and out of bed with each other, lusting after each other, planning revenge, or going behind each other's backs to outdo the next guy/gal, all in an uber erotic burlesque setting. I love it.

There's the main couple Mallory and Alec, whose erotic romps and romantic ups and downs began on that first book and end with the trilogy. After going through their romantic woes in Fallen Angel, in this installment Mallory is trying to get their new burlesque club The Painted Lady off to a good start, while Alec decides it is time to ask her to tie the knot. Mallory is fine with the idea until Alec suggests that maybe Mallory should hang up her feather boa and pasties and stop dancing. Wha...???!! Is that boy out of his mind? Mallory loves to shake her booty, and didn't she give up law school for burlesque in the first place? What is he thinking?!

THEN Logan introduces Nadia, a failed ballerina who decides to use her dancing background to make a new life for herself by dancing burlesque. Unfortunately she meets Max, the owner of a small ballet company who thinks Nadia can do better than make a living as a burlesque dancer. They lust after each other and fall for each other, and although he can't keep his hands off of her still resents her job and makes an idiot out of himself. Ohhh the drama!

THEN, there's Violet Offender! Violet is the villainous dominatrix who previously had the hots for Mallory and then turned into her bitter enemy. She is sneaky, manipulative, underhanded, and a personal favorite. Of course there's also Gemma, a character brought to the forefront to play additional havoc with our cast of characters. I could go on, but to make a long story short, there's an affair, a divorce, a burlesque competition, some pretty twisted back stabbing, all while the steam rises and the erotic romps abound.

Mallory, Alec and Violet Offender are likable and memorable, although I would say that they are defined as characters only to a certain degree. Unfortunately there's just not enough depth there to make a real emotional connection with the some of the characters that play a central role in this installment. I'm referring to Nadia and Max. I found Max to be self-centered, domineering, and demanding with less than valid concerns, and Nadia too easily and suddenly agreeable to his demands, as well as unbelievably understanding.

My favorite aspect of Naked Angel, as with Blue Angel, is the setting. Logan Belle's wonderful world of burlesque is one of beautiful costumes, sequins, feather boas, pasties, and music where even the dances are described in fine detail. I also obviously enjoy the ins and outs of the characters' drama-driven lives and their erotic adventures. Fortunately Logan Belle ends the trilogy quite nicely indeed with plenty of that drama, a happily ever after, and some extra surprises. (I'm going back to read that first book I missed. :D )

Category: Erotic Romance
Series: Club Burlesque
Publisher/Release Date: Aphrodesia/March 27, 2012
Source: Kensington Publishing
Grade: B

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  1. LOL It's like Dallas does erotica, burlesque style! They sound like a lot of naughty fun and I do find the setting intriguing. Don't see it too often.

    Thanks for the review Hils. I might just have to pick these up.

    1. Leslie, these ARE fun and naughty, and Dallas! LOL! I loved the whole POV on burlesque. And aren't those great covers? I love the colors but specially all the feathers... *g*

  2. Yes, yes, yes - to your reaction to the whole Max/Nadia pairing. I felt the same way, although you phrased it "prettier" in your review than I did in mine :)

    True story - I picked up the first book in this series at RWA last summer entirely because the cover is so awesome. Publishers: see what a good art department can do?

    1. Wendy, I just read your review carefully, and you called Max exactly what he was a "jackass." LOL. And I guess I'm tired of the whole "mommie complex" used to excuse that type of behavior from men. You're right on the money about Gemma! I found her SO cold... and thought that whole switcharoo she pulled on Violet at the end was priceless. *g* I still loved Violet, though. She turned out to be the most memorable character for me. :)

      RE: Covers. I usually just list the titles of the books at the bottom of the review, but LOVED these covers so much that I wanted to show all three of them together. So yes! We agree!

  3. Hi Hilcia:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to read this book and to write such a thoughtful review. It's the highest compliment that you guys 'get' the soap opera aspect of this series. I grew up on a steady diet of Dynasty, Melrose Place, and The Bold and The Beautiful :)
    As for the covers, I agree and am indebted to the art director. I did meet her once -- I actually took her to a burlesque show :)
    xo Logan

    1. Logan, it was my pleasure.

      That steady diet of soaps worked, you definitely captured the vibe in this series. I loved it. :) RE: Violet Offender. I must tell you that she's a great character. Why is it that in soaps the villainous character is always the most memorable?

      RE: Gorgeous covers. Definitely thank that art director... she obviously benefited from going to that burlesque show. Great idea!

      Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. Sounds like you had a lot of fun reading this book, Hilcia :) That's great! Hopefully, Ms Logan will have a new book/series out that you can enjoy! :)

    1. Nath, I did. :D I'll definitely look for whatever else Logan Bell comes up with in the future. It's always great to add an author to our list. :D


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