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Minis: Ilona Andrews, Gordon Andrews, Meljean Brook

Magic Dreams (Kate Daniels Series - Hexed Anthology) by Ilona Andrews

Jim and Dali's story... I've been waiting for this one. Tigress Dali, hear her roarrrrr.... lol! She was the best character in this short story... smart, sassy and determined to save the man she wants but thinks she can't have. Geeky Dali with her thick glasses and supposed lack of skills doesn't think she's beautiful enough to get a strong, hunky alpha beast like Jim. She doesn't know that he's half-way in the bag already before this adventure gets going.

This wonderful novella by Ilona Andrews features these two characters and weaves in some fascinating myths in the process. The action is just what you would expect of a Kate Daniels installment, exciting, full of dread and fun at the same time. The villain in this one is a disgusting spider woman and I loved her demise. The dialogue between Jim and Dali was snappy and sarcastic, and that combined with the action made this story a fast-paced read. Although Jim's character playing the "damsel in distress" didn't quite fit my view of him from the other books, Dali's rescue of him was worth it. The romance itself is on the mild side of the scale and I wish Jim's side of the equation had been portrayed with a bit more passion, but I did love the way it ended.

Overall Dali made this story for me and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to read more about these two, even if it is between the lines, in future Kate Daniels installments. (Urban Fantasy) Grade B+


Fathers and Sons: Companion to Magic Series (Curran POV Vol II) by Gordon Andrews

Well, I really enjoyed this short story where events that took place after Magic Bleeds and before Magic Slays are narrated by Curran. We all know that His Fussiness the Beast Lord was furious when he found out that the Pack challenged Kate while he was down for the count for a few weeks. He demands an explanation from his Alphas but is not quite satisfied. He is especially furious with Mahon, the Bear who became a father figure to him, for allowing it all to happen. Curran is going to teach them all a lesson they'll never forget.

This was such a wonderful story. It's free at the Ilona Andrews' website for those interested in reading it. I thought this novella was better than Vol I and loved the interaction between Kate and Curran, as well as Curran's viewpoint of his relationship with Mahon and his love for Kate. It was quite emotional at one point and I thought it a perfect little story to read for father's day. That's when I read it. :D  (Urban Fantasy) Grade: B


Paradise (Wild Thing Anthology) by Meljean Brook

Okay, so Paradise is a re-read for me. I first read this whole anthology when it released back in May, 2007. However at that time I was not following the Guardian series and didn't relate this story to anything and let it stand on its own. As a stand-alone I remember that, along with Marjorie M. Liu's short story Hunter Kiss where she introduced her urban fantasy series, this was a favorite story. Once I began reading the Guardian series, however, I wanted to re-read it, except... I had given away the book! Well, I just recently got it back through Mariana and re-read it immediately.

Selah is a favorite Guardian character and I remember that I loved Lucas, a nosferatu-made vampire that falls in love with her while they're trying to save his Oregon-based vampire community from a demon. Lucas is an emo vampire and Selah is a no-nonsense Guardian who believes in doing what she has to do while on the job. Poor Lucas didn't have a chance once he met Selah. I totally enjoyed the fact that he fell in lust with her shoes! Ah... yeah. As part of the series, I would say that this is a good solid addition as it gives an in-depth look into Selah's character, while giving the reader a peek at some events that occur in between novels. I fell in love with Lucas and Selah all over again. (Paranormal Romance) Grade: B


  1. While I like Jim, you're right - Dali made the story! I hope we see more of her in future books.

    Thanks for the reminder about the Curran POV story. I had downloaded it but forgotten about it. o_0

  2. I so want to read Magic Dreams now - it sounds great!

    And not sure if you visit Smexy's blog (or if you already know this), but...IIRC there will be no new Kate Daniels books until 2013 :( However, there is going to be an Andrea book! *happy dancing* I love Andrea and must confess to wanting to know more about her and Raphael in the Magic Slays. Now I know why there wasn't much... :)

  3. I have been wavering over the Hexed anthology because I don't really care for two of the other authors (and haven't read the third before) - were the other stories any good?

    I may just cave and buy it for the Ilona Andrews story though...

  4. Leslie, Dali was a hoot! I loved her character in the books and her short story was just cream. :D I LOVE the little snippets from Curran's POV, there too short, but what the heck they're enjoyable.

    Orannia, this was worth the read. I hope you enjoy it.
    I read that information about the Kate Daniels books at the Andrews website and was quite disappointed. :( But, there's enough in between books to keep us all entertained. I'm really excited about Andrea's book. I enjoyed the short story that featured Andrea and Rafael, and I'm sure it will be a good!
    I also read the Edge books, so I'll be a happy camper.LOL.

    Li, so far I've only read this short story from the Hexed anthology. I AM planning on reading the rest and will review them when I do so, but couldn't wait to feature this one on its own. ;P

  5. Jim and Dali's story was great. I have the first Curran POV I need to read it as I love that series! lol

    Of course anything Meljean writes is wonderful. I love all of her work.

  6. Tracy, wasn't Dali fun? You have to read Curran's stories. It's great to "see" events from his viewpoint, although I wish they were longer! He has such a great voice. And Mealjean rocks! :D

  7. Loved, loved, loved the novella with Jim and Dali. Loved Dali as a narrator... and the ending with Jim bringing food and declaring himself? *inside melts* LOL. Can't wait to read more about the two :)

    Gotta read the Curran's POV stories. Just downloaded them :)

    Meljean rocks!! LOL. It's sad that the series is coming to an end... I'm really looking forward to the next book. I'm guessing the final book will be Michael and to be honest, I'm not thrilled. I think authors have to stop writing stories with the head ponchos LOL.

  8. Agreed on Jim and Dali, Nath!

    You have to read Curran's little shorts..., I really like his voice.

    LOL on Michael's book. I'm personally looking forward to it, but you know I like his character. I'm not looking forward to the series ending, though. :(

  9. It's not that I dislike Michael's character... I guess I just feel a bit indifferent towards him. the fact that he's been alive forever as well... what can really move him?


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