Sunday, September 27, 2009

...On Winning & M/M Book Shopping!

This last week the winner of the M/M Reading Romance Challenge was announced by Anesthezea/Christina of I Heart Paperbacks. Guess who won the Gift Certificate to All Romance eBooks? Me! Thank you again Anesthezea.

So, you KNOW I went shopping... here are my picks:

Don't Look Back by John Lanyon - Peter Killian, Curator at Constantine House in Los Angeles, wakes in the hospital to find himself accused of stealing a tenth century Chinese sculpture. Peter knows he's not a thief -- but that's all he knows. Why is hot and handsome Detective Mike Griffin so sure he's guilty -- and so hell-bent on seeing Peter arrested? And why is Peter having these weird dreams about an unseen lover?
This is my first Josh Lanyon book! Can you believe it? I've been meaning to pick up his Adrien English mysteries forever and still have those books on my list of books to buy. I decided to give this single title a try first before getting into a series. I'm really looking forward to it. :)

His Convenient Husband by J. L. Langley - Innamorati, Book 1 - At the tender age of seven, newly orphaned Micah Jiminez lost everything and got lucky. The Delaney family opened their hearts and their hone, treated him like one of their own. One Delaney in particular, though, became more than a brother to Micah. The handsome and protective Tucker is the man to whom he wants to give his love. But a single passionate night together, Tucker rebuffs him and hightails it to Dallas to pursue his dreams. Leaving Micha to pick up the pieces of his broken heart - and feeling like a fool.
J. L. Langley is a favorite of mine. The Tin Star is still one of my old time favorite contemporary western M/M books. So, you know I couldn't pass this one up... especially with that title, lol!

Unrequited by Abigail Roux - Vic Bronsen has a problem. He's stuck in a rut, uninspired by his job, and in love with a man who has no clue. Thinking a change of scenery and company will do his aching heart some good, he goes off on a road trip with his best friend, only to find that the answers to his problems may have been right there in front of him all along.
Hmm... unrequited love, angst, a road trip, best friends. Yeap! Had to get this one, plus I haven't read Abigail Roux's work either, so a great way to start, don't you think?

Patient Eyes by Andy Eisenberg - Jaden is in a bind: he's an eighteen-year-old college student who doesn't make enough money at his part-time job to even afford food. So when one of his house mates introduces him to gay-for-pay porn, he reluctantly agrees to take part. During his first scene, Jaden meets Brendan, and he's stunned to find himself falling in love.
Now this one? I don't know... it looked like it might be HAWT and well... I mean.. gay-for-pay porn and he falls in love after shooting the first scene? I have got to read it! *g*


  1. Congrats on winning! Enjoy those men. :)

  2. Thank you, Leslie! You know I will ;P

  3. I hope you're enjoying your books! I was wondering what you used your winnings for... :)

    I just finished "Don't Look Back" and enjoyed it. Josh Lanyon is an auto buy for me - even though I STILL haven't read his Adrien English series... Am I a bad fan? lol

    Happy reading!

  4. Thanks for stopping by Anesthezea. I finished 3 out of the 4 already!

    I really enjoyed "Don't Look Back" too and will definitely be getting more Lanyon books. I can't believe I waited this long! One of these days those English mysteries will make it to my TBR pile, lol! Thank you. :)


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