Friday, September 18, 2009

...On Friday and Cowboys

Well, it seems as if this was western week at Impressions... Westerns are a personal favorite and was excited when I saw KristieJ, Wendy, and Sybil decided to hold The Great Western Drive. They had the best recommendations and my list of books to look up or re-read is now even bigger. I don't need too much encouragement to read westerns, weather they are in a historical or a contemporary setting, those rugged men of the West do it for me. Love the cowboys. Yee haw!

I actually planned on posting a third review today on another historical romance western I'm reading, unfortunately work and real life intruded on both my reading and writing. Instead, I'm leaving you this week with my idea of what a cool, gorgeous cowboy hero looks like -- the fantasy type named "Jake." (Yes, I named him *g*)

Mmmm... well, I actually stole "Jake" shamelessly from a friend who gave him as a gift to another friend, lol! I stepped in and said "MINE".... she very gracefully stepped aside so I could share him with you all. (I promised her we would take care of him). Isn't that a gorgeous belt buckle? And don't you just want that hat? Hmm... yes...well, enjoy!

Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Oh Hils, he is yummy. Those abs! Well I think it's very timely that you named him Jake. Torquere Publishing celebrated its 6th anniversary this month and according to M/M author Chris Owen her "Bareback" featuring those two unforgettable cowboys Jake and Tor was one of the first of five books published - so it's Jake and Tor's anniversary as well!

  2. Yummy...Hah!Indigene, thanks for the info about "Bareback"... I didn't know that at all, what a coincidence, lol! I love those two sexy cowboys.

    You know what's funny? Jake is my favorite name for a hero... and almost all my favorite heroes are named Jake or Jack no matter the genre. Hmmm... or maybe the name makes them favorites? I must think about that one. ;P

  3. Yep, first thing I thought when I saw Jake - "I just love the belt and hat." LOL (Actually my eye keeps going to his belly button. :P)

    Thanks for stealing him and sharing him with us. He's delicious!

  4. Ooooooo... *drools* Hilcia this has to be the best way to celebrate Western week here at Impressions.

    Thank you for rustling him away and sharing him. ;-)

    Happy Anniversary Jake & Tor!

  5. Leslie - the belly button... not to far from that silver belt buckle, the eye just has to follow the same line... *g*... happy to share the delicious(ness)..

    Mountie - thanks for sharing! (for letting me rustle him away, lol) :)

  6. Umm. . . yeah, Hilcia, the belt buckle. That's what I was admiring. :-P


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