Saturday, August 22, 2009

...on Lazy Summers, Reaching Goals & Natural Disaster by Chris Owen

Summer has really taken its toll on my reading schedule -- too many family functions, lazy weekends, busy work days, unexpected emergencies and just things that seemed to crop up. Hmm.... too many lazy days, I think.

So, I was going to do a Weekly Reads post, but can't do that since I haven't really read that much this week -- 2 books . Then I was going to do a Latest Reads post and... well... I read the last book I had left for the Challenge! I'm finished, done!  So, my post changed for the THIRD time *g* and here it is... 

My latest read was Natural Disaster by Chris Owen, my last book for the M/M Romance Reading Challenge. Yay! I posted a complete list of books and reviews at Musings today and it feels wonderful to have accomplished this. Reaching this goal in the midst of all I've had going on this summer made me feel like celebrating today. So, I decided to post my last review for Natural Disaster at the Manhole @ The Phade to celebrate with the whole team! But I wanted to share some of this with you, so here are some of my impressions of this, my last Challenge book.

Natural Disaster is the continuation of Jake and Tor's love story as told by Chris Owen in Bareback. It takes place a few years later when these two men have an established life as a couple with responsibilities. A tragedy brings Jake's teenage nephew, Jacob, into their lives and they must adjust everything to accommodate not only the new addition to their family, but the new feelings that come with it. Grief, loss and joy are all a part of this book as is the importance of family -- the main focus of this piece. 

Owen continues the wonderful work she started in Bareback when it comes to characterization. For me, it was wonderful to see both Jake and Tor evolve and grow in their relationship. Jacob's character is well developed, although I don't think he worked through his grief as well as Jake -- that part of the story needed further development in my opinion. I thought Jacob's recovery was a tad too fast and easy under the circumstances.  

Overall, this is a solid story highlighting the passion and love between Jake and Tor, while giving us a complete story full of family love as well. A great way to finish the Challenge!

Yay! Yay! and Yay!


  1. I haven't read either of the Chris Owen but they do sound interesting.

    Congrats on finishing the Challenge! That's wonderful!

  2. Hi Tracy, thank you! Bareback ranked as my favorite M/M Romance last year. I think it might still be at the top of the romance heap... and Owen is one of my favorite writers. Hope you give her a try. :)


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