Monday, August 17, 2009

...I'M OK, UR OK Blogger Award

Tracy from Tracy's Place passed this colorful, and truly cool award on to me a couple of weeks ago. Of course, the meaning behind the words is what it's all about.

Quoting Lisabea from Nose In a Book makes it easy for me to pass on this wonderful award to a couple of bloggers who "review across the spectrum of romance, who do so with laughter and a good will, and who aren't limited to the expectations of their audience. They open doors."

I'm passing this most wonderful of awards to Ms. Moonlight(Elizabeth Jules Mason) from Moonlight to Twilight Blog and to Carolyn Crane (CJ) from The Trillionth Place -- two ladies whose blogs definitely fit the above description for me and whose reviews and posts I really enjoy.

Thank you, Tracy!


  1. Congrats!
    And wow, I don't know what to say - thank you!
    I'm honored.



  2. Most deserving Ms. M. Thank you for your posts and reviews. :)

  3. Hey! Wow! Look at this! Thanks, Hilcia! This is such an honor. Ooh, such a pretty award, too!

  4. Isn't it purrrty? CJ, you know I thoroughly enjoy your lovely blog. ;P Thank you!

  5. Congrats on your award!

    I just have to say, "Where the hell have I been?" I only JUST now discovered you have your own blog. I'm so embarrassed. I just saw a link to your blog from Nath's. Thank goodness I found you. ^_~

  6. Christine! Thank you...
    LOL! I'm glad you found me too... thanks for coming by *waving* ;P


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