Sunday, January 3, 2016

TBR Challenge: Wrap Up & A Fresh Beginning

My participation in the 2015 TBR Challenge was a huge bust. It's a shame my blogging mojo was off because a big chunk of the books I read during the year were from my TBR. Still, from the books reviewed, both my January and March/April contributions were great reads.

Following is my measly list of reviews for the 2015 TBR Challenge: (Click on titles to read reviews)

January: Big Boy (Strangers on a Train) by Ruthie Knox
Theme: We Love Short Shorts

February: Kiss and Tell by Allison Kent
Theme: Recommended Read

March/April: Patricia Brigs: Overview Alpha & Omega (Posted in April)
Theme: Did not follow theme

The above results, however, have not discouraged me from signing up to participate in the 2016 TBR Challenge along with Wendy and the crew. I will do my best to keep up since last year MORE books wormed their way on to that ever growing, dust gathering, TBR pile. So, one more year!

To join this year's TBR Challenge, or if you are curious about the monthly themes, non-rules, non-regulations, and/or posting dates, just follow this LINK to The Misadventures of Super Librarian.

As always, thanks to Wendy  for hosting this fun and useful yearly challenge.


  1. Bwahaha! Non-rules and non-regulations. That kind of sums it up :)

    Glad you're signing up again! I haven't responded to your comment on my blog, but rest assured, I have you added to the TBR Challenge 2016 information page now.

  2. Hilcia!
    Good luck for this year! I've decided to sign up again, Wendy's is my favorite type of challenge!
    Happy reading!

  3. LOL!

    Thank you for adding me to the list of participants, Wendy. I'm going to try my best to make the review posting date deadlines now that new-job stress levels are down. I've already chosen my January read and have it on the side to read EARLY. That's the toughest part of this challenge for me.

    1. I'm pretty loose with the deadline :) I mostly keep it in place because it's fun to have one day where you can read everybody's commentary. Sort of a community building team exercise :) But people post late, people post early - Wendy's pretty cool with all of it.

      That's my problem - starting my TBR Read early enough. Last year I wanted to do better with that so I could allow myself to DNF more - but um, yeah. Easier said than done.

  4. You can do it, Hils :) You're actually one of the most disciplined reader I know. Let's just hope real life don't get in the way!!


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