Monday, August 6, 2012

This n' That: I'm Back + Books, Updates & A Special Stamp

Atlantic City, NJ
Hello everyone, I'm back from my too short one week's vacation! I had a wonderful time... disconnected from everything and everyone. It wasn't a European vacation like my friend Nath's, but it was an enjoyable one. I went down to Cape May and Atlantic City in South Jersey and just basked in the sun by the shore, shopped, gambled (won and shopped, lol), had some of those nice tall drinks, my husband wined and dined me, and well... I'm feeling like a brand new woman. :D (Sorry no personal pictures!)

Did I read while I was there? Heck no!! But I somewhat made up for being away by reading like a beast when I returned home Saturday evening and yesterday. I began and finished two books, The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty and Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews! Reviews to come for both those books. Plus yesterday, I posted my review of Green Thumb: A Novella by Tom Cardamone. Boy did I love, love that novella! It was an all around winner for me.

Before I left I did buy one book that I can't wait to get my hands on, Torn the latest release by Lee Thomas (Cemetery Dance Publications). I went nuts and purchased a special edition hard copy of this book, signed by the author! And yes, it's horror... a Lee Thomas fan? You think? LOL!

And, I just purchased the latest release by Mel Bossa Into the Flames (Bold Strokes Books, August 2012). Her book Split, an April 2011 release was a favorite gay romance read for me! Plus, I just read her December 2011 release Franky Gets Real in July and also enjoyed it. So I'm looking forward to this new book.

Thank goodness my Atlantic City casino experience was a good one! I padded my book buying budget just in time. LOL! And changing pace... this is something that I wanted to do before I left on vacation and didn't get a chance to do.

I want to thank my friend Sonia from Books-Livros&Livros-Books. On July 10, 2012 she passed to me a beautiful stamp that I love, appreciate and one that touched me. It is the "Seu Blog Inspira" stamp. That's Portuguese for "Your Blog Inspires."

I am very happy to accept this beautiful stamp, my friend. :) But, although I know I'm supposed to pass it along to 3 other bloggers, YOU, Sonia, inspire me. So here is a shout out to S. (Sonia) from Books-Livros&Livros-Books. S., a Portuguese blogger, bilingual in English and Portuguese, blogs in English. She is an eclectic reader with wonderful insight who knows what she likes and posts her honest thoughts and impressions. Although Sonia reads and posts about everything, including literature, she seems to have a preference for paranormal, contemporary, and M/M romance.

Listing five (5) random facts about myself:
1. My taste in music is as eclectic as my taste in books.
2. I love to dance.
3. Autumn is my favorite season.
4. New York City and Seattle are my favorite cities in the U.S.
5. History, Literature, and Politics are/were/will always be my favorite subjects.

Thanks, Sonia!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled program. :D


  1. I'm so glad that you had a blast during your trip Hils!! And some vacations are too read, others are just to disconnect... even from reading :P and LOL, you definitively making it up!

  2. I did Nath! You're right, this one was for relaxing (without reading). I'm refreshed and definitely feel like reading now. So yeah... it worked.

    Welcome back yourself by the way. :D

  3. Hilcia!
    Thank you so much for your kind and generous words! Hugs!!!
    Sorry if it seemed I'm away...I did read all your reviews but I can't come and comment everytime I want and then I feel the time is gone to do it lol. My Internet connection is awful and I don't always have the time to wait and write - that's why I take so long to write in my own blog too lol - but I assure you I do read what you write here!

    It appeared you've had a good week, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
    I can't wait to have mine lol, it's only next month. I don't have the money to go anywhere but just being at home without going to work is good enough for me!! :)
    Take care! And thank you again :D

    1. Sonia, don't worry about the comments! You come by whenever you can or want, lol!

      I had a wonderful vacation week with my DH. It has been a while since the two of us had time to ourselves and it was just... great. ;D But yes, time at home, away from the daily grind can be great too! I've done that countless times. D

      Thank you again SO much for the beautiful stamp. I'll treasure it.


  4. What a sweet post, Hilcia! It doesn't matter where you went or how long or short you were away. EVERYONE should come home from vacation feeling the way you so obviously felt coming home from yours!

    Congrats on the award from Sonia--it's well deserved. :)

    1. Oh Christine! I was just glad to get away from home for a change. My DH and I have been at odds with our jobs, or family emergencies have cropped up at the last minute and we've had to cancel our plans during the past couple of years and we haven't been able to get away together. So this was great for us. I could have gone to the next town and would have had a great time, lol!

      I love Sonia's stamp. :D But, FYI... you received it too! (check it out) *g*

    2. I did?!? O.O oh my goodness.. I haven't gotten to 'S' yet in my feeds. Thanks for the heads up. It might have taken me a few more days to get to Sonia's blog.

    3. LOL! I see you already got to this. :D

    4. Well of course I had to jump the alphabet! I would have felt awful for missing it!

  5. You ladies are so funny..... tge amazing thing about internet, to know about people in the other side of the world who share (some or most of) your tastes :)

    1. I love that about the internet! Sharing my love of books with people around the world is the best. :D


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