Thursday, June 23, 2011

This n' That: Catching Up

Hi there! I'm here... reading, working and will soon be posting reviews again.

I've had a few bad days all around. Last Thursday, I lost my glasses! I spent three days blind as a bat, trying to work without using a computer, which is next to impossible in my line of work, and then trying to finish my days without taking a bottle of analgesics to calm the headaches. No reading for me during that time at all! Plus, no computer when I got home either.

By the time my new pair of glasses were ready it was Saturday evening. I do the bulk of my reading and review writing during the weekend, and well... the headaches didn't go away until Tuesday of this week. I felt like the man from that Twilight Zone episode, "Time Enough At Last," all those books to read and I couldn't see a thing! What frustration. Whatever happened to my spare pair of glasses?

Of course this week I had to catch up on all the work that was neglected due to my blindness! So, late nights, eating at my desk and lots of files to get through at the office this week. Plus, RWA is next week and I'll be leaving early a couple of days in a row and taking one day off to hang out with fellow bloggers, so I want to get ahead of myself so I don't have to worry about work. It's burnout time!

But hey, before the whole fiasco with the glasses and during this week I did read a couple of books. There's Cheryl St. John's new June release Her Wyoming Man (see my review), which I really enjoyed, and I did finish More Than a Mistress by Mary Balogh. That's a book I've been meaning to read forever. Well, I can tell you that it was worth the read for me personally. Now I'll try to read the second book in the series, No Man's Mistress, before the new release comes out next month. :)

At the moment I'm reading and enjoying a women's fiction book with quite a few interesting characters and situations, Sunset Bridge by Emilie Richards, part of her Happiness Key series.

And, slowly but surely, I'm also reading Leviathan Wakes (The Expanse) by James S.A. Corey, a science fiction opera that's going to take me a while to read as it's 592 pages and it's chuck-full of sci-fi details, plus there's a private investigation in it with a mystery and everything... I can't wait to find out what happens in both these books.

So what's everyone reading at the moment? What are you looking forward to reading in July? I'm waiting for Mary Balogh's The Secret Mistress.


  1. No Man's Mistress is not a favorite for many people, yet I loved it. I'll be curious to see what you think of it. I'm also eagerly awaiting the "prequel" to the Mistress series.

  2. Phyl, I REALLY enjoyed/loved More Than A Mistress... so, I'm a little reluctant to begin reading No Man's Mistress right away because I don't want to compare them. But, I really did like the younger brother, and the sister. She was hilarious with the ugly hats and talking a mile a minute. I'm really curious about her husband. ;D

    So, I'm going to wait a few days before I read No Man's Mistress, maybe read a few other books in between... that's my plan, lol!

  3. So sorry to hear about the glasses :( I know I'd be lost without mine!

    I hope you have a wonderful time at the RWA! I'm currently reading House Name (Michelle West) andn then it's either Nalini Singh's Bonds of Justice or Astrid Amara's The Archer's Heart :)

    And I need to read some more Mary Balogh :)

  4. Orannia, I can't believe I lost my glasses! I'm usually so careful with them...

    RE: RWA. I'm only going to the Literacy Signing and the Bloggers Bash, but I have some other plans during that time too. Unfortunately, I couldn't take the week off to attend the whole week. :(

    Yes to Mary Balogh. :D

  5. Hi Hilcia!
    I'd go crazy without my glasses. So glad it finally got resolved for you.

    Currently, I'm reading Nico Rosso's Pushed to the Limit. It's a scifi romance novella. I'm liking it, so far.

    I've seen that Emilie Richards series and have been interested, though women's fiction usually isn't my thing.

    Have a great week! :-)

  6. Hi Renee!
    I was lost and now I see. :D

    Nico Russo? I have to check him out... heard of him, but haven't read any of his works. And you know how I love my scifi romance.

    The Richards book is good so far. I haven't read the previous books in the series... but so far I'm not feeling lost.

    You enjoy your weekend. :D

  7. I have terrible eyesight so I can't imagine not have either my contacts or glasses. Those three days must have felt like 3 weeks!

    I loved both of Balogh's Mistress books. I might have to do a quick re-read before Angeline's story comes out next month. :)

    Just started Magic Slays. Love the friendship between Kate & Andrea.


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