Thursday, June 30, 2011

RWA Literacy Signing

Susan Elizabeth Phillips,
RWA Literacy Signing,
New York City, June 28, 2011
So I attended the RWA Literacy Signing in New York City on Tuesday after all. It was touch and go all day on weather I would make it or not, but at the end of the day I jetted out of work like rocket! Even with all the bad traffic and aggravation, I got to the Port Authority in time to meet Mariana and arrived at the hotel early enough that the lines were not overwhelming, yet. Although later on I heard they were incredibly long.

I met most of the authors on my list, and a few more... they were all lovely and gracious and I must say it was the best experience. Of course I didn't really take loads of pictures, no time, inclination (or camera, lol), BUT I did take this little picture with Ms. Susan Elizabeth Phillips. She is the most gracious and lovely lady. Mariana and I later met her at the elevator as we were leaving and I had to make sure I didn't make a cake out of myself, we said hello but gave her the privacy she deserved after such a long evening.
My stash

What other authors did I visit? Well, I met the lovely Jacquie D'Alessandro whose book I just finished reviewing... Summer at Seaside Cove. I decided to get the print copy signed by the author... we chatted about the book, and she told me that the next one in the series will be coming out in 2012!  Jennifer Crusie was close by and she was just as gracious (well, they all were) but she took her time to chat a bit, and then she autographed Maybe This Time for me.

I was also quite the fan with Elizabeth Hoyt, Jill Shalvis, Eloisa James, Miranda Neville, Angela Knight, Tess Garritsen, and Thea Harrison, who were all gracious and accommodating! Mariana and I also had conversations with three wonderful ladies, L.B. Gregg (Lisabea), K.A. Mitchell who recognized Mariana from a previous meeting (what a memory!), and Victoria Jenssen who is just as lovely in person as she is online! It was such a pleasure meeting her in person.

What authors did I miss? Jodi Thomas and Madeline Hunter! I lost my list along the way and somehow missed meeting those two authors. :(

However, all in all it was a wonderful experience and I would do it again in a New York minute!


  1. Yay! I had so much fun! Next time we're putting the list on the phones! SEP was really great. Jenny Crusie was a BLAST!

    KA Mitchell is the best author in the world :)

  2. So very jealous! But happy for you too! So many of my favorites - SEP, Elizabeth Hoyt, Jill freaking Shalvis and Eloisa James. *sigh*

    Great pic of you and SEP. :)

  3. Ohhhh I wish I lived in the USA!
    How good to meet all those authors, if not at one time, then someday later...I'm happy for you. And jealous too. lol

  4. Mariana, it was definitely a blast! The phones! Why didn't we think of that... yikes! SEP... she just took her time talking and chatting personally with everyone, how lovely was she? And Crusie! That was so great...
    LOL on KA Mitchell... loved your fangirl moment. I had quite a few of those myself. *g*

    Leslie, I thought of you when I was in front of Shalvis and Hoyt! It's funny because I didn't know what to say to Ms. Hoyt... except... "ohhh, I love your books!" LOLOL! I wish you'd been there too. We would have had such fun together.

    Sonia, it was so nice that RWA took place in New York. Every year the event takes place in a different city around the country. We got lucky this time... so this is my first time going to this type of event. I wish you'd been here too! It was a rare treat for me. :)

  5. youre so lucky to live so close to NYC! and agreed, every author i met was so incredibly gracious, which really impressed me. so nice to meet you and chat about jersey and good books of course ;)

  6. Was it not nuts there or what?? I could only make it as far as the K's then had to get out. That wasn't even half the alphabet.

    Glad I got to meet you though even if the visit was short

  7. Sounds like a great day!

    Jennifer Crusie and SEP are two of my keeper authors. You met so many great authors.

    Enjoy the books you picked up!

  8. Lusty Reader, weren't those ladies wonderful? Especially considering those very long lines. *g* It was a great pleasure meeting and chatting with you on Tuesday! I'm so glad you enjoyed the City, I love it.

    KristieJ, when I went in that room, I was like a kid in a candy store, or like a deer in the headlights.. I didn't know which way to go first. I made it to the C's, but I was trying to keep to my list and skipped some rows in between. It was too much...

    I had a blast meeting you! Hope to do so again. :)

    Reny, it was a great experience! As you can see, SEP was a big hit with me, I thought about you when I was on the short line to see her. Oh and Eloisa James too... I thought of you then. I was hoping to meet Balogh, but she couldn't make it. I will certainly enjoy those books, they'll stay in my keeper shelf.

  9. I enjoy Eloisa's father, Robert Bly, the poet, whenever he is in PBS(usually the old Bill Moyers show.) I email her when I see him on air and show always writes me to thank me for the heads up. They both have a strong work ethic and I enjoy their philosophy of life.

    And SEP is s joy to read. Beautifully crafted stories. I start out hating the heroines and end up loving them.

    I thought you would enjoy this modern love story take.

  10. Thanks for the heads up, Reny! I'll look it up. :D

  11. That is a lovely photo of you and SEP!

    Glad to hear you were able to meet up with most of the authors on your list. With 500 authors attending I wouldn't even know where to start. Lol. And I'm a chicken in a crowd so I would probably be speechless throughout the meeting with authors and readers alike. Lol.

  12. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Hils!! :)

    LOL about the list on your phone... because you're traditional, that's why you didn't think of it :)

    I'm reading Jacquie d'alessandro book right now and am really enjoying it!! :)

    You did really good, Hils... and what amazes me is how fast you went through it!! :)

  13. Tabitha, the set up kind of made it easy for the readers to approach the authors. It wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be, and after the first one, it got easier... :D The same with other readers, since we have the enthusiasm and love for books in common. :D We missed you.

    Nath, I did! That list! It was a mess to begin with... and then juggling the books, backpack and list became a bit much. Now I know what to do next time. :) Fast? I was focused... I looked for my authors, chatted, got my books signed and got out of there! Lucky too because I heard it got really crazy later on. LOL!

  14. Great recap, Hilcia. I'm glad you were able to meet and chat with some of your favorite authors. I tried to find Madeline Hunter in the ballroom twice and couldn't find her! Then I ran out of time and never asked for help.

    I love how you end your post saying you "would do it again in a New York minute!" Very clever! :) I would, too...

    [I read this post awhile ago, but failed to leave a


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