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Review: Saddled and Spurred (Blacktop Cowboys, Book 2) by Lorelei James

Saddled and Spurred by Lorelei James is the second installment in her Blacktop Cowboys series. The story focuses on local Wyoming cowboy and rancher Bran Turner, and down and out beauty queen Harper Masterson. He desperately needs a ranch hand and she desperately needs a job. She has no experience as a ranch hand, he hires her and the fun begins!

Bran met Harper when she blew into town with her mother and sister. He has lusted after her from day one, but for some unknown reason her gorgeous looks always intimidated him and he's always admired her from afar. Harper's mother was a slut who ran out of town with someone else's husband and left Harper holding more than one bag.  Harper's an ex-beauty queen whose lot in life seems to be taking care of others first. She works two and three jobs to take care of herself and her younger sister who's about to graduate and go to college. Taking a job as a ranch hand is no big deal to her, and working for a stud like Bran is no hardship either.

There's lots of story telling and sexual tension before Bran and Harper finally get together and James' signature erotic scenes begin. The storytelling is quite good and includes a large cast of secondary characters that complement this story. I like the fact that this couple spends time together and considers consequences first instead of jumping into a 'blinded-by-lust' relationship right off the bat.

Both Harper and Bran are portrayed as extremely likable characters. Unfortunately, I was a bit underwhelmed by Bran's character development as the real reasons behind his insecurities and trust issues were not clearly defined. Harper is a bit of a contradiction: feisty, sexy and sassy with Bran, and weakly (obliviously?) blind about her sister and herself until the very end.

This is an erotic romance and this is Lorelei James, so let's talk about the hotness in this book! You know I enjoyed that part of Saddled and Spurred. There are no threesomes in this story. Instead, Bran and Harper embark on a sexual adventure as they explore never-before experienced fantasies together. James takes her time by using sexual tension as a build up to the erotic scenes, so that when they do come along they just get better and better. Do not expect some of James' more extreme scenes, but believe me this couple is hot on and off the sheets with all that built-up tension working in their favor.

I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next installment in this series, Abe's story, Wrangled and Tangled.

Category: Contemporary Erotic Romance
Series: Blacktop Cowboys, Book 2
Publisher/Released: Penguin Publishing, March 1, 2011 - Kindle Edition
Grade: B-

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Saddled and Spurred, Book 2


  1. Oh yes, I read this book and skipped the first in the series. I like Harper and Bran together and how they decided not to mix pleasure during "business hours". The hotness factor is apparent here but I thought it was sweeter and not as well done as her other series. By that I mean, I found the scene where Harper asked Bran to take the vanilla out of their relationship a bit abrupt and out of nowhere considering the earliness of their relationship and her sexual (in)experience. BUT I do like that Bran wasn't a sexual god the first time they did the deed. It was more realistic. :) And I agree that Bran trust issues were not well defined. Otherwise, this was an enjoyable read.

    Sorry if what I wrote doesn't make sense. I'm rushing to write this because hubby is pushing me out of the house. I'll check back later for any errors! lol

  2. I'm going to catch up with her Rough Riders series before starting this one. But I do like the sound of it, the fact that they didn't jump into bed right off.

  3. It sounds like a good story! I love that cover (cowboys YAY!)

  4. Tabitha, I agree! This was hot/sweet and yet the series so far is not as good as the Rough Riders. I really liked what you point out about Bran above (liked that first realistic scene between them too). LOL, your comment made perfect sense to me!

    Leslie, I still have the last of the Rough Riders books sitting in my TBR pile and need to read those. I hope you enjoy this series. I also liked that Bran and Harper didn't jump right in... I think you'll like this couple.

    Alex, the covers the LJ's books are great! Those lovely cowboys. :D She writes some great erotic romances and her cowboys are just... hmm... the best. ;P

  5. I got this over the weekend. Need to read it. I had a few issues with the 1st one, but overall really, really liked it!

  6. Lori, I had a few issues with the first book too. I liked this one better, even though they both received the same grades from me. :) Enjoy!

  7. I really enjoy Lorelei James' writing so I have no idea how this series escaped my notice. I'm going to search for Corralled first. Thanks Hils. :P

  8. Ohh, definitely check them out, Ames! So far I like her RR series better, but there are some great characters in this series whose books are coming up. :)


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