Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Numbers, Goals Reached & Final Recap!

This is my last 2010 summary. It was much easier to crunch numbers this year as I kept one of those handy-dandy spread sheets -- faster and quite efficient! My numbers are broken down by category. Since I joined the Re-Read Challenge in 2010 and I included those numbers monthly for that purpose, however for this year-end recap I deducted them from the bottom line. 

Total Books Read: 154

Contemporary Romance/Romance Suspense: 49
LGBT Fiction/Romance/Erotica: 36
Historical Romance: 26
Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance: 17
Paranormal Romance: 13
Young Adult: 5
Urban Fantasy: 4
Fantasy: 2
Mainstream Fiction: 1
Biography: 1

1) Challenges Met:

I met 4 out of the 5 Challenges I joined at 100% with the exception of Christine's In-Death Challenge. My goal there was to read one book per month. I read 7 books out of 12.

This is an ongoing challenge that I will be continuing in 2011. I'm still hoping to read at least 12 books for the year, weather I read them monthly or not is another matter. I'm going with the number for now, lol!

2) Personal Goals Met:

I didn't really have many of these as I'm pretty free-wheeling when it comes to reading. However, I did want to read more Sci-Fi/Fantasy Romance in 2010. I did well with this personal goal and read 17 books in 2010 vs. 9 in 2009.  I still have quite a few in my TBR and will continue to try for more in 2011. I'm always, always looking for good recommendations in this category, so if you have a good title don't hesitate to let me know. :D

In 2010 I read more contemporary romances than in the previous year (2010= 49 vs. 2009= 41), and tried quite a few new-to-me authors in that category. I love, love this genre and I'm looking for those autobuys again. I'm glad to report that I've found a few. :)

New-to-me authors and TBR pile. I keep a list of authors whose work I want to read at some point. And I do get to them! Well, this year I read 40 books by new-to-me authors, some of them taken from my TBR pile and others were new releases or recommendations from friends or bloggers. Of course I added more names to my list, so this is an ongoing personal goal for me. In the process, I also cleaned out 32 books from my TBR pile - not great, but not bad either. 

That's it! The end of 2010... now I'll just look forward.


  1. For me it doesn't work when I try to clean my TBR pile... I just end up adding more books because I start to panic when I see it getting too low.

    Book Addiction and all that! :D

    Good luck with your goals for 2011.
    I joined 7 challenges because apparently I'm a girl who can'y say no.

  2. AnimeGirl, I know what you mean! I was good in 2010, well... better than I was the previous year. I didn't add as many books to my TBR. I'm weird! I don't mind NOT having a TBR pile... that pile makes me anxious, lol!

    WOW, 7?!! Good luck! So far I'm only participating in one Challenge in 2011, I'm still thinking about weather or not to join others this year. :D

  3. Sounds like 2010 was a good year for you, Hils :) 4 out of 5 challenges met is really good! Plus, at least, you start the In Death series!! that's all that matters LOL.

    Nice breakdown. Funny how paranormal romances are down this year... if it's been 2 years ago, it'd be much more in my opinion :P

  4. I'm so impressed by your organizational skills. :)

    I'm surprised at only 4 in UF. For some reason I thought you read more UF series.

    Great job on the challenges. I'm only doing the TBR pile challenge & the In Death as the new releases come out. I'm doing my own personal challenge to catch up on series I've started and read the series that I already have. I'm hoping to get the tbr pile under control. :D

  5. Good stuff Hils!

    I'm envious of your challenges - I didn't do well on any of mine. LOL

  6. Nath, it wasn't a bad year. I'm glad I met most of the challenges I set for myself last year. But, this year I'm not sure I'll join so many. I'm still looking around. :)

    I really downsized the amount of PNR series I read. I was down to 3 last year and added the Guardian series by Brook, that was about it. You're right about 2 years ago. ;P And yes! Thanks to Christine, I'm finally reading J.D. Robb, lol!

    Leslie, I read quite a few UF novellas in Anthologies, and I counted those as 1 book, but not too many full length novels. There are quite a few in my TBR that I didn't get to in 2010, so I have plenty to read this year.

    I'm also keeping my Challenges simple this year. I need to catch up with my TBR, series... etc, but I also want to get to those Fantasy books I have laying about. Sooo, a few personal goals there for me too. :)

    Ames, thanks! Those Challenges get to be tough after a while, especially when life interferes with reading and blogging, lol! I need to catch up on my In-Death books this year!

  7. Nice reading year :) And lots of genre variety! All the best for 2011!

  8. Thanks Orannia! I wish you the same! :D

  9. Great year end summary, Hils. I'm working on mine... :)

    I'm hoping to read more fantasy in 2010, too. I think I only read one straight fantasy last year and it ended up being a favorite!

    Don't feel discouraged with the In Death challenge. I think it's hard to read one book every month. We don't want to overdose and be sick of the story lines or characters before we get caught up, you know? It's fun no matter what pace you accomplish in the challenge. I'm just so glad you're reading the series with me. :)

    Here's to more great reading in 2011!!!

  10. Thanks Christine.

    I love fantasy and am moving those to the top of my list this year, together with my SF Romance. :)

    I'm definitely going to do my best for In-Death Challenge. But as I found out last year, I do better by reading a few books in a row in one month than one per month. I think I'll do it that way. :) Thank you!!


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