Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Memorable Characters: Simon & The Serpent Prince

There are certain books I remember fondly, not necessarily because the story was oh so grand, but because there was a memorable character or a moment that pulled me into the story. I tend to fall in love with characters and moments -- sometimes that does it for me.

Viscount Simon Iddesleigh from The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt is one of those characters. Every so often I see the book on my shelf and smile. Ohhh, I liked him! He fell deeply and passionately in love with his Lucy almost on sight (ahh, her terrifying eyebrows!). Simon had absolutely no problem verbalizing the love or showing passion and he could liquefy a stone with all that dirty talk seductive dialogue. The scenes in the bedroom were hot, no question about it! Simon was a good/bad boy, doing bad things for a good reason. And isn't that always the case with heroes? Yes, I loved him for all those reasons, but I remember him most for that subtle macho/alpha attitude combined with the metrosexual fashion 'vibe' he had going on, his hmm... favorite shoes and the ohh soooo 'golden and gilded' sense of style!
Everyone swung around, and Lucy almost let her mouth hang open. The viscount was magnificent. That was the only word for it. Magnificent. He wore a silver brocade coat embroidered in silver and black on the turned-back sleeves, skirts, and all down the front. Underneath was a sapphire waistcoat with vining leaves and multicolored flowers lavishly embroidered all over. His shirt had falls of lace at the wrists and throat, and he wore a snow-white wig on his head.

"Late!" Papa exploded. "Late for my super! Sit down promptly at seven o'clock in this household, sir, and if you cannot..." Papa trailed off and stared fixedly down at the viscount's feet.

Lucy followed his gaze. The viscount wore elegant pumps with --

"Red heels!" Papa shouted. "Good God, sirrah, think you this is a bordello?"
Yes, those red heels are as memorable as are Lucy's terrifying eyebrows and Simon's angst and passion.


  1. That outfit was worthy of a Heyer hero!

  2. Great post, Hils! You cracked me up using the term "metrosexual fashion 'vibe' " in reference to an historical romance, but it's quite obvious your observation is astute given the excerpt you shared. LOL!

    I have this trilogy on my shelf... waiting ever so patiently for me to read.

  3. Sounds like he hangs out with Jo Beverley's Mallorens. :D

    Gotta love a good Georgian hero type -- silk and satin and embroidery, face paint and patches and a powdered wig curled just so, lace and ruffles and ribbons and high-heeled shoes, and a gilded sword with which they'll very skillfully carve out your liver if you dare sneer at how they're dressed. Hee!


  4. I love Viscount Iddesleigh too! Only he could wear red pumps with style :)

  5. LOL, Victoria you have no idea!

    Christine, I know it's unusual to use that modern description for this historical figure, but... but... but... it was so apropos! Simon's sense of style just gets better as the story moves along and those shoes make more than one appearance, lol! Hope you get to this trilogy soon. :)

    LOL, Angie... he does! I love, love Georgian heroes with their makeup, their awesome fashion sense and their skills with the sword and in the bedroom. Simon is a great example. *g*

    Orannia, yes that was some style! How Hoyt got me to like a hero who wore pumps with red heels, I'll never know... but she did it, lol!

  6. It was dirty talk. LOL And we loved it!

    Wish I had time to re-read this one. :)

  7. LOL, Leslie, it was... it was! And yes, we certainly did! Such fun. *g* Reading Wicked Intentions, made want just a taste of this first trilogy. :)

  8. Oh I just read The Leopard Prince and just got word from the library that the Serpent Prince is in and waiting for me. I want to read it even more now that I've read this post. lol

  9. Oh Tracy that's great! I'll be looking for your thoughts on this book and on Simon in particular. ;P


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