Monday, June 21, 2010

Book Haul! Some 'Ole Skool' Romance & Other Surprises

I got some of that 'ole skool' romance! Well, actually thanks to fellow Jersyan and blogger Mariana from Hips Like Mine, who was very generous indeed, I was able to replace some oooold favorites I read and gave away a long time ago due to my back and forth cross-country moves, including The Flame and The Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. I was also lucky enough to acquire books by some authors whose backlists I've been attempting to collect for a while. The haul is so extensive that I didn't think listing them would be plausible, so I decided to take some pictures instead. 

Johanna Lindsay's Ole Skool Romance

I'm excited about Angel, A Heart So Wild and the five novels from the Malory series. There's the great, the good and the... hmm... in that bunch -- The Pursuit is in there, lol! 

Elizabeth Lowell Mira Contemps, Historicals & Romance Suspense, 
more Lindsays

Julie Garwood Historicals & Romance Suspense, plus Lucy Monroe Contemps

Sooo excited about Ransom, One White Rose & One Pink Rose by Garwood.

Linda Howard Silhouettes and Romance Suspense

I'm excited about ALL the Linda Howard books, specially the Silhouettes! The Cutting Edge, Against the Rules, Come Lie with Me, and I did get another book from the McKenzie series on print (I have the digital copies). 

Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy!

I'm really excited about this one (dying to read it), although it's a fight to see who keeps it, lol! My daughter who went to Mariana's house to help me with the books is challenging me for this book. I missed it on my original list and she said she saw it first, so she might have a point. But, I think I'll win custody of it, although of course generous person that I am, I would let her read it too. Hmmm... we'll see who wins this one. :D

Nora Roberts' original Silhouettes!

This was just pure greed from a Nora fan. I already have these books, but the original Silhouettes? I saw these books, my eyes glazed and I just had to have them. Specially Irish Rebel, one of Nora's first Silhouettes (I'm not quite sure if it was her first?), and The Heart of Devin McKade, my favorite book in the McKade Brothers' series. 

J.D. Robb's In-Death Books!

And except for very few books, tons of In-Death books for my Challenge! Of course, if you notice these are not on my bookshelves and that's because my daughter won custody of them. She's reading them much faster than I am, and frankly there's no room for them on my shelves. So, I'll "borrow" them as I go along.

Thank you Mariana for your time and generosity! Such fun!


  1. :) You are most welcome! And thank you (and your daughter) for helping me give them a nice home :)

    Remember, there are still more here (for a short while).

  2. Holy cr*p! That is a HUGE haul. GOOOOO, Hils!! hehe. I'm jealous even though I already have quite a number of the books of my own! Lol. My eyes are glazing over on those original NR Silhouettes too! And yay to Linda Howard, Julie Garwood, and Johanna Lindsey!

    So what are you going to pick out of the bunch to read first?

    Can I befriend Mariana too??

  3. Wow, Hils :D this definitively beats any of my hauls :D You are so extremely lucky :D All those rare and hard to find books!! Wowzer :D and it's great that you get to replace some of the books you have to give away back then.

    Mariana is a very generous woman :D

  4. Ohhh Mariana! That was such fun... both Vanessa and I really appreciate the books and they'll definitely have good homes. :) I might just take you up on some of those other books, lol! (Or Vanessa will, ;D)

    Oh Tabitha! I swear my eyes DID glaze over! I didn't even know half of what I had until I got home, lol! I spent 2 days going through those books and just... enjoying. :D ---

    I actually read a book that I didn't feature up there: Falling for Anthony by Meljean Brooks (Hot Spell Anthology). It's the first novella in the Guardian series. I had NOT read it! Boy was I happy to get that one! LOLOL!

    Nath, yessss! Lucky! Mariana is quite, quite genererous and yeah... lucky!!! There are so many other books that I didn't even mention. *sigh*... I'm in hog-book-heaven. *g*

  5. To Nath and Tabitha... I do have more books to give. I'll publish a list on my blog by weekend. If you'd like, I'm willing to ship them out (if you're not in NJ). If you are in NJ, I believe the ladies will be meeting at my house to get others, you're more then welcome to join (or come on your own).

  6. Hilcia -- is Falling for Anthony a good read? I'm not a fan of anthologies. :(

    Mariana -- thanks for the offering! I'm not in NJ (nearby in PA). But I'll take a look at your list just because I like to see what other readers have on their shelves. Lol!

  7. Tabz, I really liked Falling for Anthony. After reading the rest of the series, it was great to finally know Colin's background and to see how Brook began the worldbuilding and the series. It was worth reading. I haven't read the rest of the anthology yet.

    And, Tabz, go check out Mariana's list. She'll mail books to you if you want them. You're right there in PA. :D

  8. OMG That is quite the haul!! Kudos and Mariana sounds like the book fairy. :P

  9. What fun! I love seeing all of those books. Boy, you have a treat in store for you with the Anne Bishop books!

    Enjoy your haul, Hilcia! :-)

  10. Ames, Mariana is definitely our book fairy. Did you see Christine's haul? Hers was just as big or bigger than mine, and she snapped up some grrrreat books. O_o

    Renee, I can't wait to finally read the Anne Bishop books. That trilogy is one of those that I've had on my "to buy" list forever it seems, but kept putting off for later.

  11. *realizes staring at the books so long is rude*

    That is one amazing...haul *grin* Enjoy! Oh, and the Black Jewel series is fabulous...dark, but...stunning! Enjoy :)

  12. Stare all you want Orannia! We book addicts allow it and don't find it rude. *g*

    Hmm... dark? Yess... love dark. :D

  13. Fantastic haul, Hilcia!!! I love your shelves... your books look well read and loved. Even better than a library! :)

    I'm sorry I wasn't able to meet up with you and Mariana this time. But I'm confident we'll get together over the summer.


  14. Aww Christine, my books are all well-loved! We will meet soon, soon... I can't wait!


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