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Review: Mine to Possess (Psy/Changeling) by Nalini Singh

I chose Mine to Possess as my re-read this month in preparation for the new release in Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series, Bonds of Justice. This is the book where Max Shannon is introduced and I wanted to refresh my memory.

I remember thinking what an interesting couple Clay and Tally made the first time I read this book. Clay seems like your typical DarkRiver changeling sentinel, possessive and protective, but there's more to him. Clay is half human and grew up as a human, depriving him of a healthy changeling environment, and except for Talin's, he did not have the touch and affection so necessary to changelings throughout his childhood. He killed to defend Tally and lost her with that one act of violence. His experiences during those formative years were traumatic and shaped him into a man with dark spaces, a loner in danger of going rogue.

Talin was abused and terrorized as a child and although she has come a long way and is now a determined woman with some strengths, it is clear that she's still traumatized by her past. She is a fragile and damaged woman, both physically and emotionally. Talin is a social worker with the Shine Foundation and as her children begin to disappear, twenty years after their separation she decides to approach Clay, the one man she feels is strong enough to help her. A man she both fears and loves, a man she lied to.

I must admit that Clay was always one of those changelings I found intriguing. His love for Tally from the beginning, his tenderness, passion, possessiveness, protectiveness and what he is willing to do for her had me at hello. On the other hand, it took me a while to like Tally. She rationalized her reasons for lying, fearing and rejecting Clay, and it seemed as if in every other chapter Tally changed her mind as to those reasons or came to a new realization. This was used to build up the sexual tension, but for me it became frustrating after a while. However, there is character growth for Talin and eventually she did grow on me.

I thought that as a couple they were both hot like new lovers can be, and sweet and comfortable like friends who have known each other forever. I loved that they were so jealous and protective of that friendship and wanted to keep it intact.

Mine to Possess is where Nalini Singh introduces the history of the Forgotten and the Shine Foundation with its director Devlin. I loved this part of the story and how Singh continued to expand the history of the Psy to include those who did not accept Silence, something that made absolute sense. Devlin had a small part in the book, but one that made an impact. Max Shannon, the human Enforcement detective with the impenetrable mind shield who is helping Talin track the missing children is also introduced and plays a smaller part. Ashaya, the M-Psy who is running Protocol One experiments for the Psy Council and her assistant Ekaterina play key roles in the outcome of the story.

This is a solid installment to the Psy/Changeling series that focuses on the romance while addressing the overall storyarc. Quite a few key characters are introduced in Mine to Possess, as Singh expands her worldbuilding to include the Forgotten and the human race as an important part of that world.

Genre: Paranormal Romance
Series: Psy/Changeling, Book 4
Released: February 5, 2008
Grade: Solid B

Nath's 2010 Re-Read Challenge


  1. I have to admit to Tally and Clay being my favorite book and couple. I love me some Vaughn, but something about these two together makes me happy. I like that they never really gave up on each other.

  2. LOL, guess what I'm re-reading? :P

    Hmm, the word verification is "minxes" LOL. Do you think it's referring to anyone in particular?

  3. *slaps forehead* That's who Max is. I couldn't for the life of me remember who he was. I'm behind - still need to read Blaze of Memory.

    Sooo tempted to comment on nath's word. :D

  4. Mariana, it was so great re-reading Clay and Tally's story. I love both Clay and Vaughn too! I loved the same thing about them too. :)

    Nath! Great minds and all that... lol on that world. ;P

    Leslie, yeah that's Max! Catch up, catch up... the next book is a good one! (No comment on nath's word, *g*)

  5. I'm with Mariana. This is my equal favourite book of the series (with Slave to Sensation). I love Clay & Tally together.

    Maybe it's me, but...I kind of got where Tally was coming from. I think her realizations were her admitting the truth to herself. I think she buried the truth - about why she left Clay. She hid it, covered it up, and then when he came back into her life she had to peel back the layers she had wrapped herself in. Sometimes...sometimes you lie to yourself because you can't handle the truth. And I think that's what Tally did. So, she worked for me as a character.

    Fantastic review Hils. I love how you make me think!

  6. I really should re-read the book in preparation for Max's story (I forgot all about his appearance in this book) but there's just so many other books I haven't touched yet. Lol.

  7. Orania, my favorite books are Slave to Sensation and Branded by Fire! (Mercy and Reileigh, roarrrr!)

    I think of Tally as the "Queen of Rationalization" LOL! Nalini did an excellent job with her character. I agree that she came to that truth when she was finally ready. That's not to say that the process wasn't frustrating at times for me, lol! But, an excellent example of character growth...

    Tabz, frankly you don't really need to re-read this book in order to get to know Max. Singh does an excellent job of bringing everyone up to par on him in Bonds of Justice. :) BUT, I really enjoyed revisiting this couple -- I never mind re-reading Nalini's books. :D

  8. Really love this whole series in general! I really liked Clay so much and seeing him finally get that lovin he needed so badly just made the book that much better.

  9. Yes! Clay deserved all that lovin' and more... didn't you just love the way all the females in the pack became protective of him? I loved it!


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