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Review: Rebels and Lovers by Linnea Sinclair

It’s been two years since Devin Guthrie last saw Captain Makaiden Griggs. But time has done little to dampen his ardor for the beautiful take-charge pilot who used to fly yachts for his wealthy family. While Devin’s soul still burns for Kaidee, she isn’t the kind of woman a Guthrie is allowed to marry—especially in a time of intergalactic upheaval, with the family’s political position made precarious by Devin’s brother Philip, now in open revolt against the Empire. And when Devin’s nineteen-year-old nephew, Trip, inexplicably goes missing after his bodyguard is murdered, this most dutiful of Guthrie sons finds every ounce of family loyalty put to the test. Only by joining forces with Kaidee can Devin complete the mission to bring Trip back alive. And only by breaking every rule can these two renegades redeem the promise of a passion they were never permitted to explore. At risk? A political empire, a personal fortune, and both their hearts and lives.
Rebels and Lovers is a good addition to the Dock Five series by Linnea Sinclair. The book felt a bit like a transitional book in the series, but by the end it advanced the overall storyarc -- the war between the Empire and the Alliance. By focusing in the all important and powerful Guthrie family, Sinclair tipped the odds.

The above summary is really very accurate. Devin and Kaidee have known each other for years. He burned for her secretly then and has been dreaming of her ever since. Years ago her husband was fired and she chose to go with him, and Devin thought he would never see her again. But now that he's found her and she is a widow, Devin does everything to keep and win Kaidee.

Kaidee always thought highly of Devin. She sees him as a controlled, almost perfect man whom she respects and finds very attractive -- for her, he is also an impossible dream. To her way of thinking, she is not the type of woman a Guthrie would ever regard as an appropriate companion -- not with her history, her family, or her murky past.

I liked both characters. Devin is more beta than alpha... he doesn't remind me of Sully or Phillip. He's a thinking, numbers man, not a man of action, although he knows how to take care of himself. Sinclair balanced his character quite well on that front. I loved the way he yearned for Kaidee and his willingness to change his circumstances for her -- Devin the rebel. Kaidee is also unique to this series. She's a Captain and has certain qualities that do remind me of Chaz, but very few. She was a combination of tough and vulnerable that was perfect for Devin and for the situation. What Devin lacked, Kaidee had in spades and vice versa. She also has an interesing background and I'm curious to see how the Alliance uses her unusual contacts.

Rebels and Lovers begins as a fast paced book. I was caught up in the action -- Trip's disappearance, Devin's pursuit and Kaidee's situation in Dock Five. There are multiple characters introduced, some quite interesting, and we are reacquainted with old characters. Devin and Kaidee's paths cross in Dock Five and their race to save Trip is on. The action continues and it's pretty intense, with lots of twists and turns until they get off Dock Five -- this takes the first half of the book.

The second half of the book takes place for the most part on the ship, on an uncertain race to Port Chalo. During this time the pace slows down quite a bit. After all the action in the first part of the book, it actually felt very slow and protracted. Having said that, Sinclair used this part of the book to develop Devin and Kaidee's romance. In this part of the book is also where Devin and Kaidee try to figure out the how, why, and what is really happening to them. If you're a scifi fan, this is where you'll find a lot of those little details that make this genre unique.

Overall, Rebels and Lovers was a good read with a lovely couple, an excellent first half full of fast paced action, and a second half, that although necessarily slow paced for development, went on a bit too long. The book had an exciting, fast paced resolution and it ended on a high note -- it looks as if the Alliance and the Empire are jockeying for position. Although frankly, Rebels and Lovers did not have that exciting WOW factor that Gabriel's Ghost-Book 1, Shades of Dark-Book 2 and Hope's Folly-Book 3 had for me, it was still a solid addition to this series and I can't wait for the next installment.

Genre: Sci-fi/Romance
Series: Dock Five Series, Book #4
Release Date: March 23, 2010
Grade: B

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  1. I need to catch up on my Linnea Sinclair. I'm a couple books behind now. This sounds good. Thanks for the review!

  2. I read Shades of Dark last week and loved it! I'm planning to read Hope's Folly for Keishon's TBR challenge this month.

    The fact that Rebels and Lovers didn't have that WOW factor might be a nice break from the fast pace that was in the 1st two books. I do enjoy Sinclair's writing so I'll be reading this one. Thanks for the review Hils. :)

  3. Phyl, this is really a good, solid addition to the series. It's a great follow up book to Hope's Folly. Enjoy!

    Leslie, I'm so glad you loved Shades of Dark... I did too! You're going to love Hope's Folly and Phillip's story... *sigh* This book is definitely a SOLID read and it's Sinclair, lol! I read it in one sitting...so yeah her writing doesn't disappoint. Enjoy!

  4. I have GOT to read some Linnea Sinclair. I have had a book or two of hers in my TBR pile since 2007! I'm not kidding!!

  5. Christine, you have to try her books! If you like scifi-romance or if you haven't read this genre before, Sinclair is a great writer to try. Don't feel bad though, I've had Games of Command, The Downhome Zombie Blues and Finders Keepers on my TBR for over a year and I still haven't read them... I'm stuck with the Dock Five series.

  6. I know you said to start at the beginning...but if I were to start with this book (since I already have it in my TBR pile, lol) will I be really confused? Btw, are her books very sci-fi'y? Um, what I mean to ask is if the sci-fi elements strong in the story?

    Thanks! Love your review and want to read this book now. hehe

  7. Hils, did I ever tell you how I love reading your reviews? Okey...let me tell you this again. Your words are very convincing and I am now looking at the first book in my library now!!! thanks for the great review as always...I feel like I already love the book, I don't even know about this author at all.

  8. Tabitha, I think you could get into this story without reading the other ones, but the overall storyarc won't be clear to you unless you read the first three books. These books are a great mixture of scifi and romance, the scifi elements are there but they're not really overwhelming.

    Natalie, I hope you read Gabriel's Ghost! Sully and Chaz are a favorite couple. I just love, love them... ;D You're in for a great ride. Enjoy! :)

  9. *hides* I need to read this series!

  10. Sigh, I've never been able to get into this series. I've read one book and thought it was okay. I love fantasy and urban fantasy, but it seems I have a hard time with sci-fi :(

    Glad you enjoyed the book though :D

  11. LOL - I just left a comment on Leslie's blog about Shades of Dark - that I'm going to look for all the books in this series - they are somewhere around the house - so I can get caught up in this series. I LOVE Linnea Sinclair's books.

  12. Orannia, if you enjoyed the Outback Stars, I think you'll definitely like these. This series is well rounded as a scifi/romance. :)

    Nath, that scifi aspect is not for everyone. :) This is a great series for me... you know how much I love scifi. Thank you. :)

    KristieJ, if you love Sinclair already, you'll definitely love this series and Chaz and Sully, Phillip and now Devin. I have got to get to Sinclair's other books... they're on my TBR already too.

  13. This sounds like a good read, I haven't much Sci Fi Romance lately, so this will definitely be put on my TBR pile!!!!

  14. QoR: Sinclair will be a great addition to your TBR. ANY of her books will do. ;D Enjoy!


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