Thursday, July 16, 2009

Troubled Thoughts... on Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan

I'm almost done reading Hidden Currents by Christine Feehan and I find myself needing to write down some thoughts on this book. This is the last book in the Drake Sisters series, and I figured... well, good, one more series down. For me this has not been a great series, but an okay, readable one that I wanted to finish. But this book? This book has floored me and not in a good way.

Let's begin. I WARN you now, there will be Spoilers, so if you don't want to know, please don't read this post.

The Plot, so far:
Elle, the youngest and most powerful of the sisters is undercover. The bad guy in this book, who also has psychic powers, kidnaps Elle and holds her captive for over a month. During this month, he rapes her repeatedly, he beats her, he uses both psychological and physical ways to torture her, and uses her psychic powers against her. He also rapes her psychically. So, this woman is degraded and raped in every way possible as he attempts to break her. A violent and graphic way to begin the story.

Jackson, Elle's destined mate, comes to the rescue together with her 6 sisters and their mates. At this point, Elle decides Jackson is the only one who can protect her physically and psychically and goes home with him instead of seeking her sisters' help. We know that the evil/bad guy is seeking Elle. He has somehow bonded with her through his psychic powers and continues to torture her this way, while Jackson and her family attempt to protect her.

Problems I see with the story, so far:
If we take into account that Elle has been brutally raped in various ways, beaten and almost broken then the following timeline becomes quite problematic.

* the following day after rescue: SHE is kissing Jackson

* two days after rescue: SHE is performing fellatio on Jackson

* three days after rescue: SHE is having hot/steamy sex with Jackson

* four days after rescue: THEY decide to marry

Mind you, during the first two points, she is still exhibiting some symptoms of trauma, but she is enjoying this. This is something that SHE wants to do, not something that HE asks her to perform and requires of her. It's presented as her choice.

Also, please note that at this point:

* she STILL has not de-tangled her hair from her one month ordeal, due to trauma; although she did shower.

My troubled thoughts:
What was really the purpose for Elle's violent rape in this story?

Was it used as a tool to dis-empower Elle? To cut her "balls" (figuratively speaking)?... Elle is the most powerful of the sisters, yet in this book, she has been reduced to a ball of wax. Jackson, on the other hand, has become the stronger one of the two, even though he's not as powerful as she is. So, we are told. Not shown. Is this a way to make this "kickass" heroine more amenable and malleable for our alpha hero?

Or, was rape used as a tool so that Elle could reach a better understanding of Jackson as a person? Jackson having gone through torture himself and still suffering from PTSD.

Either way, why is a serious subject like rape being used in this manner? Why is it being used as a tool?

I certainly don't think it's being taken seriously. Not when the female character in this book has been brutalized and without receiving any real help for trauma or having spent any real time recovering, she is WILLINGLY having a sexual relationship three days after rescue. The fact that the male is not the aggressor and the female is the one wanting this does not make this better. It makes it unbelievable. Or should I use the word outrageous? Was that really supposed to make this acceptable?

I'm not finished with this book yet. You're probably asking, why are you still reading it? Well, I WANT to see exactly how or why this plotline was used... I want to know...


  1. Thanks for the review. And Wow, that is TON of violence early in a book like that! I haven't ever read Christine Feehan, but I read the spoilers just out of curiosity. I agree, what rape victim would be ready to hop in bed so fast? Do her powers allow her that recovery maybe? But still!

  2. Hi, CJ! That's the thing about this... her powers did not allow her recovery and she didn't allow her sisters to help her either.

    Everything was done through her interaction with Jackson, his love and protection. Timeline-wise, though? Hmm.... as you say, still... disturbing. :(

  3. Oh sure, go ahead and write a blog post I can't read! lol I've still got to read the second to the last book before I can get to the last! Ug. So. Behind. Will I ever catch up? Probably not! lol

    Just remember to remind me about this post when you see that I've read it. lol Yeah, right! :)

  4. Sorry, Tracy! I'll look forward to your thoughts on this one. I'll remind you *g* Hope you catch up soon.


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