Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures #6) by Jennifer Ashley

Daniel Mackenzie. Slow goodness. What a sexy, sweet, man our Daniel turned out to be! Ashley outdid herself with this Mackenzie character. Of course, Daniel has the advantage of having been developed and loved, as a character throughout the whole series. More than just sexy, Daniel is a sensualist who enjoys life to its fullest.

With the romance between Daniel and his Violet, Ashley moves this series to that exciting period in time when motorcars, balloons, and mechanical inventions were just beginning to make an impact and spiritualists were all the rage in many of the best salons in Europe. Both Daniel and Violet are an integral part of both worlds. Daniel with his keen, obsessive mind is an inventor, and Violet is part of a spiritualist team along with her mother, but she also has a knack for understanding and creating her own mechanical inventions. Daniel is attracted to Violet physically, but her mind is what really hooks him.

Daniel and Violet fall for each other pretty early in their journey to happiness. The main conflicts arise from terrible past experiences that Violet survived only by running away. but has not been able to overcome. She remains a partially broken woman who needs healing. And that is where Daniel comes in, not to save the day (although he tries) but to show Violet that she has the strength to deal with the past and to move on with her life. They are a wonderful pair, Daniel with his easy, charming ways and wonderful laugh, and Violet with her deep need to understand what honesty means, what it is to feel safe, to be truly cared for, loved, and understood.

The plot follows an interesting path, taking the reader from London to Marseille, back to England, going on to a climactic scene in Paris, and a final epilogue in Scotland. The Mackenzie family as a whole is intricately involved in Daniel's life and in his romantic adventure. I love how he deals with his whole family as they interfere with his life. He listens and is loving in his dealings with all of them, and then. . . takes off and does his own thing. Daniel has their number. He knows Ian won't sell him out to the rest of the family... so he's the best confidant. So yes, Ian, more so than his father Cameron, plays a role in helping Daniel find happiness.

Was there anything that did not entirely work for me? Well, there were two moments too many of near-death and survival that didn't quite work for me. Daniel's role as an avenger toward the end just... troubled me, and the appearance of Fellows came out of nowhere! I was. . . surprised by his participation in this storyline. Really, I was! However, the rest of the book was delightful, with excellent inner and outer conflicts that are satisfactorily resolved and, more than just sexual, some wonderful sensual scenes between Daniel and Violet. So, yes, The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie is one of my favorite books of the series.

Category: Historical Romance
Series: Highland Pleasures
Publisher/Release Date: Berkley Sensation/October 1, 2013
Grade: B+

The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie, # 1
Lady Isabella's Scandalous Marriage, #2
The Many Sins of Lord Cameron, # 3
The Duke's Perfect Wife, #4
A Mackenzie Family Christmas: The Perfect Gift, #4.5
The Seduction of Elliot McBride, #5
The Untamed Mackenzie (Highland Pleasures #5.5)
The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie, #6


  1. Sounds good, too bad I just never got around reading this series. I do like this time period though, so i wonder if I could read it on it's own

    1. Alex, it's interesting because I like some books more than others, and there hasn't been an A in the bunch from me, but overall I wouldn't think of missing a book from this series. Ashley created a wonderful family in the Mackenzies and most readers who enjoy this series love that about it first and foremost.

      You can begin reading a series anywhere, and "Wicked Deeds" is as good a place as any. There's a lot of involvement from the rest of the family, and I think you may miss the subtleties, but you'll get it. Or if you like, you can read "The Many Sins of Lord Cameron," (my favorite book, really) about Daniel's father and then pick up this one... :)

  2. Hello!
    How good to know This book is a winner for you. Mine is on the way!
    I'm reading Elliot's next month first. Then I'm buying the novella with Fellows but you know, just being aware you liked this one is enough to keep me calm while waiting to read it! :)

    1. Sonia, I really enjoyed it. Loved Daniel. You have lots of goodness coming up, but I really hope you enjoy this one. :D

  3. I looooove this series! Well I read the first two books. lol! It is one of the series I wanted to catch up with in 2013. Might have to carry it over to 2014.. ;) SO psyched you liked it so much.

    1. Oh, you're about to read my favorite book… Cam's story (book 3). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I really enjoyed this one and the novella The Untamed McKenzie, Christine. :)


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